The Copycat Criminal's Theme

Sung to the tune of "Downtown"

When you're insane, and you are wanting revenge, well, you can always mail ... Anthrax
What are the chances they'll be able to find you and put you in jail ... Anthrax
Don't think about your conscience, 'cause your morals never thrill you
And if you get a good defense, they probably won't kill you
How can you lose?
You'll find you'll get headlines then
And if your victims recover, you can send it again, it's just ... Anthrax
Shout it out louder now ... Anthrax
Go get some powder now ... Anthrax
Save a few spores for yourself

Posted 17 October 2001

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Original song by Tony Hatch, copyright © 1964 by Universal MCA Music Publishing
Parody lyrics copyright © 2001 by Charles G. Hill