Four years ago in this space, I put out something called "Guide for the annoyed voter," rather expecting, given the tone of the 2008 election rhetoric, that were anyone in line at the precinct carrying a dudgeon-sensing device, the beeps and boops and bloops would drive even the calmest voter mad. Well, it's 2012, and the tone has gotten several million times uglier, and dudgeon, I suspect, has been replaced by uncomfortable numbness. Maybe. I won't know for sure until I get in line at the polls and check out the mood as the line moves ever so slowly.

My current thinking, theoretically subject to change between now and the election, but don't count on it:

State questions:
Yes on all except 765, and I'm wavering slightly on that one. See "Your 2012 State Questions" (Vent #792).

Oklahoma County Sheriff:
John Whetsel is hoping for a fifth term. This is probably longer than he needs to be in this slot, but he does seem to have coped adequately with the Feds' dissatisfaction with the jail, and his opponent is a John Bircher at a level I'd just as soon not see John Birchers. (I mean, how likely is it that the Oklahoma County Sheriff can get the UN out of the US, and vice versa?) Advantage, albeit slim: Whetsel.

House District 87:
Democrat Nick Singer gets the nod here, because he's busted a nut to meet the district more than halfway. (In my case, it was halfway up the driveway.) Incumbent Jason Nelson gets credit for being a relatively sane Republican, but only because he offsets some of those who are, um, less so.

US House of Representatives, Oklahoma District 5:
In this strongly GOP district, the Democrats' sacrificial lamb this year is Tom Guild, whom you may remember as the sacrificial lamb of 2010 as well. He's a likeable chap, but everything Barack Obama has ever done is going to be hung around Guild's neck, and that's going to redound to the favor of GOP incumbent James Lankford, a match in terms of "likeable" and a touch closer to my own ideal of a Representative in this day and age but only a touch. Still, I voted for Guild last time, and I'll probably do it again, inasmuch as he has the advantage of Not Being The Incumbent.

President of the United States:
This is what I said last time out:

If ever there was a need for a None of the Above ballot entry, it's here: dear God, how did we wind up with these two? And yes, I accept some measure of the blame: I voted for Barack Obama in the state's Presidential primary back in February [2008]. (Hillary Clinton got the majority of the votes and the bulk of the delegates, but that fact in no way lets me off the hook.)

To his credit, President Obama has not been trying to impress voters with his record; he'd have better luck emptying out the flooded-out New York City subways with an Erlenmeyer flask. But that leaves Mitt, and believe me, I'd like to leave Mitt. It's not a policy difference per se: any position I might take, sooner or later Mitt will agree with, if he hasn't already. And on the evidence of the so-called "debates," between the two of them our Major Candidates possess in aggregate maybe one-twelfth of a soul. As empty vessels go, these guys are container ships. In the end, there's only one good reason to vote Romney: to get rid of Obama-administration maladroits like Eric Holder and Steven Chu and especially Valerie "Medusa 2.0" Jarrett. I might be persuaded to do that, but I won't enjoy it. Much.

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  1 November 2012

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