The Yahoo! Answers site has provided lots of usable material for me over the years, though most of what I've actually used has been under the "Cars & Transportation" heading, since automotive questions are generally either (1) easily answerable with access to the proper resources though apparently I am the one person on earth who has ever gone out and bought an owner's manual for a used car or (2) easily dismissed as being utterly unanswerable. (The worst of these is "How long will my car last?" For most of these people, you might as well answer "Thursday.")

The "Society & Culture" heading seems to attract the following mix: two parts, people looking for justification for their prejudices; two parts, people who inexplicably think themselves amusing; and one part, everyone else. Some actual questions from this past week, with the answers I figured it was probably useless to post:

  • Is it ok to poop in your kitchen trash can?
    As long as you're the person who has to clean it out, poop away.

  • Is it incorrect to say "you people" when referring to African-Americans?
    No, just rude.

  • Why don't they coat streets and sidewalks with rubber so we don't need tires or shoes anymore?
    Think of the poor litterbugs, having their trash bounce back in their faces. Have you no soul?

  • Why is the term "swastika" not found in google suggestions?
    See, for instance, Jello Biafra's advice to Nazi punks.

  • Why did Jessica Alba have children?
    And this is your business why, exactly?

  • Did everybody have a good James Earl Ray (JER) Day yesterday?
    Were you born an asshole, or did you work at it your whole life?

  • Do you think that "celebrity status studies" will ever be taught?
    Certainly. And just like today, they'll call it "American history."

  • why were the southern colonies well suited for agriculture?
    Are we supposed to be doing your Celebrity Status Studies homework?

  • Since Eve bit the fruit first, are women dumber then men?
    Do you have a girlfriend? If yes, then obviously one of them is.

  • Why do young people these days love "partying"?
    Is it Friday?

This is not to say that there isn't occasionally something worthwhile in this section, but looking for it will take more time than you probably want to spend.

Eventually, I may get around to covering "Computers & Internet." There are people on there even dumber than Congressmen, if you can believe that on a day like this.

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  18 January 2012

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