Note: The following letter was sent on 8 February 2008. With the exception of the actual account number and the Business Week link I figure they've already seen that by now, and anyway it's tricky to embed a working URL in hard copy you're reading exactly what they're reading.

8 February 2008

FIA Card Services NA
PO Box 15565
Wilmington DE 19850-5565

In re: MasterCard account [number redacted]

Dear Bank Guys:

As the phrase goes, once bitten, twice shy. Last year you boosted the interest rate on my Visa card; I complained, but eventually bit the bullet and put the card back into use. Now you come forth with an even bigger boost on the MasterCard.

Since I'm supposed to reject this change in writing, here's the writing, in CAPITAL LETTERS yet: I REJECT THIS CHANGE. No further activity, yadda, yadda, yadda. I realize that this will cost me maybe eight bucks worth of yet-uncashed WorldPoints. I do not care. The card is going into the shredder just as soon as I get it cranked up. All the accounts I had billed to this card cable bill, wireless, that sort of thing have been migrated elsewhere. Whatever balance I may have will be paid off according to current terms.

I see in Business Week that rather a lot of your customers have been ordered into the same boat, perhaps for the same murky reason, or perhaps not. Again, I do not care. I appreciate the fact that you've been willing to extend me as much as $16,000 in credit; however, if I can't afford to take advantage of it, I'd just as soon not have it around.

Historical note: I never actually applied for anything from you folks. You acquired the Visa account from FleetBoston, and the MasterCard from MBNA. Credit where credit is due: the phone people are good, and I've noticed that you actually answer your mail, which is more than I can say for some card issuers who shall remain nameless. However, they're not the ones jacking up the rates either.


Charles G. Hill

The Vent

  8 February 2008

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