New York, New York, the town so nice they named it twice, is generally considered one of the bluer cities in one of the bluer states; even Mayor Michael Bloomberg, officially a Republican, comes off as just this side of indigo, and something like three out of every four New York City voters in this year's Presidential election went for John Kerry. Republicans, by and large, tend not to mourn their lot in the manner of Democrats people who threatened to leave the country if Bush lost were few and far between but it's entirely possible that some battle-hardened GOP types in the Big Apple might be weary of being flapped at by a long line of left wings, so I offer them this comparison to one of the redder towns on the American map: the one I live in.

  New York City Oklahoma City
Population 8.1 million 525,000
Population (1880) 1.9 million * 0
Population (1890) 2.5 million * 4,000
Male/female ratio (2000) 47.4/52.6 48.9/51.1
Area (square miles) 303 607
Counties Five: Bronx, Kings, New York, Queens, Richmond (entirety thereof) Three: Oklahoma, Canadian, Cleveland (parts thereof)
Median household income (2000) $38,293 $34,947
Median house value (2000) $211,900 $80,300
Average yearly snowfall (inches) 26.5 9.5
Average commute time (minutes) 40.0 20.8
Sales tax 8.625 percent 8.375 percent
Number of terrorist attacks 2 1
24/7 status Never sleeps Yawns about 1:30 am
Rent control Yes No
Television series set there Scores 1
Distance from Hoboken, New Jersey (miles) 8 1,497
Museums about 250 about 25
Oldest tavern McSorley's Old Ale House, 15 East 7th Street (1854) Sipango, 4301 North Western Avenue (1936)

* Includes areas which were separate cities until 1898 consolidation.

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  24 November 2004

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