Today marks the eighth anniversary of this Web site, which began on 9 April 1996 under the uninspired name Chez Chaz with seven pages of content. Right now, if you count the individual blog entries powered by Movable Type, and you should since that's how they're saved, there are over three thousand pages, including 384 editions of The Vent.

Minor milestones along the way:

9 April 1997: First anniversary, and shortest Vent ever (#48).

1 July 1998: Most popular Vent ever: #107, thoughts on Chrysler's dumping of the Eagle marque, which still gets four or five hits a day nearly six years after its issuance, mostly from this page.

22 March 1999: Site moves off Prodigy to its own domain and Chez Chaz name banished to middle of masthead. Counter is at 6,444.

23 June 2000: First daily bloggage.

24 November 2000: The Music Room introduces Single File.

9 July 2001: First World Tour entry, on a borrowed notebook.

14 July 2001: I meet She Who Is Not To Be Named.

31 December 2001: Site moves to current host.

2 January 2002: Counter is at 100,000.

14 July 2002: I meet an actual blogger for the first time.

19 August 2002: First Movable Type entry.

9 December 2002: Counter is at 200,000.

17 May 2003: World's smallest Instalanche".

10 August 2003: Counter is at 300,000.

20 February 2004: Counter is at 400,000.

5 April 2004: First Special Guest Scrivener entry.

It's been a hectic eight years, but as Al Jolson was wont to say, you ain't heard nothin' yet. Thanks for coming.

The Vent

9 April 2004

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