Oklahoma City will elect a new Mayor on Tuesday, 24 February, and all four of the candidates seem to be cut from the same cloth: Nice Guys with just enough gung-ho to get the job done. And, being Nice Guys, they have so far refused to scoff at one another, which perhaps makes for a dull campaign, which in turn might contribute to fairly low turnout as if the projected rain/snow mix for the day wouldn't do that all by itself.

Still, there are some differences, and they go something like this:

Mick Cornett, 45, current Ward 1 Councilman

Plus: Twenty years on TV has made him an effective communicator

Minus: Twenty years on TV has made him incredibly bland

Marcus Hayes, 27, retirement center social services director

Plus: Fresh face; takes a dim view of the city's propensity for sweetheart deals

Minus: Campaign headed by perennial gadfly/whistleblower/pain in the ass Clyde Madden

Frosty Peak, 62, real-estate broker, former Ward 1 Councilman

Plus: Might raise the room tax, but probably no others

Minus: Goofiest name since Patience Latting (1971-83)

Jim Tolbert, 68, bookstore owner

Plus: Has been in the forefront of the city's semi-renaissance

Minus: Could he possibly be any more Establishment?

Party labels are eschewed in this race; for those who care, Cornett and Peak are Republicans, Hayes and Tolbert are Democrats.

The new Mayor will serve the balance of the term begun by Kirk Humphreys, who resigned to run for the US Senate.

The Vent

21 February 2004

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