Perhaps appropriate for the beginning of the new year, is pleased to announce its move to a new Web host.

And no, it wasn't because I was unhappy with the previous host. There have been a few anomalies here and there during nearly three years with, but the twin benefits of relatively little downtime (maybe three days total, none consecutive) and relatively low cost must be reckoned in their favor. I admit to a certain amount of trepidation in the days immediately following the security breach inflicted upon them by a computer vandal, but it must also be said that few people are quite so security-conscious as those who have just been hacked, so it's reasonable to assume that the appropriate precautions have been put in place at their end. And other than the annoyance of cancelling a credit card and a couple of opportunistic emails by rival hosts seeking to swipe customers, this hack cost me nothing.

Still, I felt it was time to move. And what really clinched the deal, surprisingly, was some idle reflection on a couple of people who, in my opinion, have contributed so much to the success of the Web as I know it (your mileage, of course, may vary) that it's probably time I paid them back.

One of those people is Sage Weil. I noted the following in my August 2001 log:

"The original WebRing was set up way back in 1995 by a visionary named Sage Weil, who concocted a simple, largely-decentralized system whereby a large number of sites could be linked through a few bytes of code. There had been linked pages before, but every time a new link was added, the previous page had to be manually updated, so Weil's self-updating system was a major boon."

While this particular site has never quite fit into any particular Ring, the WebRing itself was a genuine blessing for random surfers, who could zero in on their favorite topics with the greatest of ease. Weil sold out after a couple of years, but the concept has held up despite all manner of management changes.

The other person I was thinking about presides over the inspired bit of bloggery known as #!/usr/bin/girl. In addition to running Stormwerks, Zannah is part of the mysterious cabal (yes, I know, There Is No Cabal) called New Dream Network one of whose partners is the aforementioned Sage Weil.

Being weary of old dreams myself, I duly signed on with New Dream Network's DreamHost service. The price is a little higher than I'd been paying, but the package I bought should exceed my needs for some time to come. And I have to figure that any organization that has room for people like Sage and Zannah is probably worth the few extra cents.

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1 January 2002

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