In view of the fact that I spend lots of time complaining about my job, yet haven't actually taken steps to leave it, the reader might reasonably assume that there are some reasons to stay. And maybe there are. If I really work at it, I suppose I can come up with about five on short notice.

5. There is no shortage of people to whom it's easy to feel superior, which brings small comfort to the ego even as it outrages the intellect. I realize that this is almost inevitable in most organizations, and that I would likely find conditions just as bad in some other operation; inertia therefore becomes not only a constant companion, but an occasional ally.

4. After nearly eleven years, I no longer feel pressured to justify my presence; in fact, while my understudy did a decent job during my World Tour absence, he's not at all anxious to step into my battered Weejuns on a full-time basis, and I suspect that finding someone who is will be at least as difficult as turning up a matched pair of chicken bicuspids.

3. I can blast the office with classical music all day long and no one complains. At least, not out loud.

2. Given the standards of this part of the world Oklahoma City alone covers a startling 604 square miles, bigger even than Los Angeles, and everything is just as far away as it can possibly be a commute less than eight miles round-trip is something to be coveted.

And the Number One reason I'm still at this job after all these years:

1. Food you remember food, doncha? is ranked very high on the list of things I like to eat.

The Vent

1 August 2001

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