What is a Web designer, anyway?

The short answer is easy: It's someone who designs Web sites. Since I designed this one, another one I haven't really used yet, and one and a half (approximately) outside projects, I must somehow be, therefore, a Web designer. But I don't feel like a Web designer. I don't have a massive portfolio to show off, amazing techniques to exploit, or any of the putative Good Stuff out there, and if you go searching through the ranks of the digerati, exploring the great and wondrous works of all the kings of design, from Lance Arthur to Jeffrey Zeldman, you won't find any references to me.

Being a sensible person underneath all the neuroses, this bothers me very little, but the fact that it bothers me at all is, well, something of a bother. Obviously I'm not any kind of graphics whiz park me in front of Photoshop and you're more likely to hear "Duh" than "Looky here" and while I'm a tolerably-accomplished wordsmith, at least by the debased standards of this (so far) antiliterate century, the best of the best, and even the second-best of the best, can write rings around me. This would be a blow to my self-esteem, had I any.

Still, I persist. And really, if I thought it was a complete and utter waste of time, I wouldn't still be here after nearly five years, let alone doing my third major overhaul of this section. While I don't have the enormous followings of the big boys or the major 'bloggers, I get my hundred or so hits a day, and there are enough duplicates in the log to make me believe that I have a handful of actual regulars possibly even fans. (And if I do have such, they will note that this is a 90-degree turn not 180, really from an earlier position.)

You don't think so? Weirder things have happened. Shucks, even Zeldman's been here. Once. (And with his schedule, this borders on miraculous.)

The Vent

1 February 2001

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