Two hundred Vents! "If you woke up some morning at sunrise and the world had been magically reconfigured completely to your liking, everything redone the way you want it," someone once told me, "you'd be complaining by lunchtime." Apparently she was correct.

Some of the milestones, or perhaps millstones, along this long, strange trip:

  • First Vent: #1 (duh!), 9 April 1996, the day this site first went live. It was just about a year since the bombing of the Alfred E. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, and I was basically McVeighed out.
  • Most-read Vent: #104, 7 June 1998, which deconstructs that classic piece of scammage known as the World Currency Cartel. About 40 people a month still find their way to this catty little exposé.
  • Least-read Vent: Hard to quantify for sure, since it never occurred to me to install 200 counters, but #32, 7 December 1996, which details what I found while reading the writers' guidelines, has never drawn any response from anyone.
  • Best-written Vent: I'm tempted to say that most of them tie for second, but the one I enjoyed most after the fact was #177, 18 December 1999, a fairly obvious but marginally amusing Microsoft allegory.
  • Worst-written Vent: No contest: #87, 1 February 1998, which argues both sides of Karla Faye Tucker's execution in Texas and isn't even slightly persuasive in either. One incoming email characterized it as the work of one of the Web's typical "thoughtless morons who lack intelligence," and I suspect the guy was going easy on me.
  • Longest Vent: #104, 7 June 1998, the World Currency Cartel thing, which has been added to on a sporadic basis and is now 23,621 bytes.
  • Shortest Vent: #100, 10 May 1998, a total of 1681 bytes saying basically "Yeah, this is #100."
  • Median Vent (lengthwise): #167, 1 October 1999, 3374 bytes, which suggested that Dan Quayle was no longer the poster boy for Dumb Candidates.

So much for the first two hundred. I hope I come up with something less lame to celebrate #300 (which should be some time in the summer of 2002).

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9 June 2000

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