Breathes there the man with soul so dead, who never to himself hath said, "This sucks," and resolved to get back at those bastards once and for all?

Not lately. And one of the ways he's getting back is by means of the Net. People with an ax to grind and the Web space to spare are now putting their grievances online, and there are literally hundreds of Web sites that follow the general pattern of with hundreds more on the way.

Then again, maybe they aren't on the way after all. I pulled up 250 such sites at more or less random, and 196 of them were "under construction" and bore ads for one domain-name registrar or another, which makes me think of two possibilities:

  1. A lot of these have been occupied by squatters who hope to sell the domains to real aggrieved customers;
  2. A lot of these have been occupied by actual businesses who don't relish the thought of having their names used in this manner and have made a preemptive strike to insure that they don't.

In about ten seconds, I managed to spot an example of the latter: is registered to PNC Mortgage Company of America, a PNC Bank subsidiary. (Disclaimer: This was a random selection; I have never had any dealings with PNC Bank and I have no idea as to the degree of suckage, if any, they exhibit.) If there be one, surely there are others.

Interestingly, while fewer sites exist at or at, a spot-check suggests that almost the same ratio holds true. Then again, one should not be surprised that the Empire is loath to take any guff from the Jedi.

The Vent

1 May 2000

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