Random thoughts for a winter's day:

J. C. Watts has once again shown what his word is worth, which is nothing. The Congressman from Oklahoma's Fourth District, elected on a pledge to serve a maximum of three terms, has announced he will seek a fourth term. I can't believe that no one could find some corrupt industrialist in this state willing to give Watts a day job. (And a tip of the hat to Tom Coburn, of the Second District, who took the same pledge, and who apparently meant it.)

We got somewhere between nine and twelve inches of snow over three days in January, which is a bit more than we expect for an entire winter. About the only good thing about it was that drivers seem to be less inept on snowy roads than on icy ones. And whoever said "pure as the driven snow" obviously never drove on any.

Does Hillary Rodham Clinton seriously believe she's going to be elected to the Senate? What does she bring to the table, other than overweening ambition and a village full of clichés? Is she trying to make sure she has enough income for when she dumps Billy-boy on his philandering keister? Or does she really believe, in her heart of hearts, that she needs to give back something to the people of Arkaner, New York?

DaimlerChrysler, having previously shed Eagle as a brand name, will now be dumping Plymouth as well. For General Motors, which hasn't been able to bring itself to discontinue a brand since LaSalle in 1940, this ought to be yet another wake-up call.

Fred Allen once quipped, "Imitation is the sincerest form of television." Looking at all the quiz shows that have sprung up in the wake of Regis Philbin's American remake of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, you'd be hard-pressed to disagree with Fred. And that is my final answer.

The Vent

7 February 2000

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