Summertime, and the livin' is easy, and the heat is making crazy people crazier.

And, for my money, you can't get a whole lot crazier than your average white supremacist. (I assume, if only for statistical reasons, that there are above-average white supremacists; these must be the ones who stay the hell out of the news.) Lacking both answers to their anger and solutions to their delusions, they prance about, issuing the occasional manifesto and in general making a nuisance of themselves and lately, cluttering up the Internet. (Well, "clutter" is unkind; the sites I've seen have been, if nothing else, reasonably well-designed.)

Much of the recent media attention has been focused on Matt Hale, who heads up the World Church of the Creator. Among other things, Hale is pushing a pamphlet called FACTS! That the Government and the Media Don't Want You To Know. Well, of course everyone knows that the Government and the Media have been holding out on us for years, so I couldn't possibly resist a deal like this. And it's quite a screed, really. First, Hale lays out the usual anti-Gentile quotes from the Talmud, pointing out that all the branches of Judaism use the same Talmud, "just as all different branches of Christians use the same Bible." This will be a surprise to anyone who's ever heard the word "Apocrypha", but then Hale isn't fond of Christianity either. From the FAQ File:

Christianity teaches such destructive advice as "love your enemies", "sell all thou hast and give it to the poor", "resist not evil", "judge not", "turn the other cheek." Anybody that followed such suicidal advice would soon destroy themselves, their family, their race and their country.

For me, this was an eye-opener; it's always been a tendency among some of us to assume that all the nutcases on the far right were claiming some tenuous connection to Jesus Christ. Obviously, the World Church of the Creator makes no such claim, so to the extent that they've cleared up one of my misconceptions, they've performed a minor public service. Then again, I remain unconvinced of their superiority over the so-called "mud people"; there's something disquieting about someone who, when pressed for an example of a meaningful accomplishment, responds with the equivalent of "Well, dammit, at least I'm white." The proper response to that is, "So's a billy goat, usually." (Thank you, Frank Yerby.)

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1 August 1999

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