On the ninth day of April, 1996, Chez Chaz went online with seven pages of material, no discernible design philosophy, and an attitude that can best be described as "I dunno what I'm doing here, but like it or not, I'm doing it."

A year later, not much has changed. The site has grown twentyfold, and there is evidence of an actual design philosophy, though nothing more sophisticated than "I wonder if this will work?" But the attitude remains, and perhaps that's why the site is still up despite widespread indifference. There are probably a hundred million pages on the Web; the likelihood that anyone will stumble upon my meager 150-page collection is vanishingly small, and I'm not so vain as to think anyone would actually bother to search Infoseek for the likes of me. Then again, the Web has ways of its own, and come to think of it, Alta Vista was visiting here on the 20th of April, 1996, just over ten days after the site was first opened and before anything was ever submitted to anyone's search engine.

For this time next year, I can promise only two things: the site will look slightly better, if still not great, and I'll still be spouting off at the usual stand. See you then.

The Vent

7 April 1997

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