Inside the Warner/Reprise Loss Leaders

The 1969 Warner/Reprise Songbook
The 1969 Warner/Reprise Record Show
October 10, 1969
The Big Ball
Looney Tunes & Merrie Melodies
Non-Dairy Creamer
Hot Platters
The Whole Burbank Catalog
Middle of the Road
The Days of Wine and Vinyl
All Singing - All Talking - All Rocking
Hard Goods
Deep Ear
The Force
All Meat
Peaches, Vol. 2
I Didn't Know They Still Made Records Like This
The Works
The People's Record
Cook Book
Collectus Interruptus
Pumping Vinyl
A La Carte
Music with 58 Musicians, Volume 1
Loss Leaders Revisited
Loss Leaders 2

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(Warner Bros. PRO 331, 1969)
First of the series.

Wild Man Fischer:Songs for Sale
Jethro Tull: My Sunday Feeling
The Pentangle: Sweet Child
Van Morrison: Slim Slo Slider
Family: Second Generation Woman
Tom Northcott: Sunny Goodge Street
The Everly Brothers: T for Texas; Lord of the Manor
Van Dyke Parks: The All Golden; Music for a Datsun TV commercial
Sal Valentino: Alligator Man
The Beau Brummels: Deep Water
Randy Newman: Davy the Fat Boy
Tiny Tim: Mr Tim Laughs
The Mothers of Invention: The Voice of Cheese; Louie Louie; Our Bizarre Relationship; The Air
The Fugs: The Divine Toe; Grope Need; Tuli, Visited by the Ghost of Plotinus; Robinson Crusoe; The National Haiku Contest; Wide, Wide River
Arlo Guthrie: The Pause of Mr Claus
Sweetwater: Why Oh Why
Joni Mitchell: Nathan La Franeer
Eric Andersen: So Good to Be With You
The Electric Prunes: Finders Keepers
The Kinks: Picture Book
The Jimi Hendrix Experience: Red House
Miriam Makeba: I Shall Be Released

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Record Show


(PRO 336, 1969)
Subtitled "Son of Songbook".

Neil Young with Crazy Horse: Cinnamon Girl
The Grateful Dead: Doin' That Rag
Geoff & Maria Muldaur: All Bowed Down
The Everly Brothers: Empty Boxes
Doug Kershaw: Son of a Louisiana Man
David Blue: Atlanta Farewell
Arlo Guthrie: Every Hand in the Land
The Blue Velvet Band: Weary Blues from Waitin'
Theo Bikel: Piggies
Joni Mitchell: My American Skirt; The Fiddle and the Drum; Spoony's Wonderful Adventure
John Renbourn: Transfusion
Bert Jansch: Poison
The Pentangle: Once I Had a Sweetheart
Peter, Paul & Mary: Going to the Zoo
Sweetwater: Day Song
Louie Shelton: A Walk in the Country
Lorraine Ellison: Stay with Me
Van Dyke Parks: Music for Ice Capades TV commercials
Randy Newman: Yellow Man
Pearls Before Swine: These Things Too
Hamilton Camp: Star Spangled Bus
Ella Fitzgerald: The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game
The Fugs: Yodellin' Yippie
The Mothers of Invention: Electric Aunt Jemima
Jethro Tull: Fat Man
Mephistopheles: Take a Jet
The Jimi Hendrix Experience: Stone Free
The Kinks: Nothing to Say
Fats Domino: Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey

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October 10, 1969

OCTOBER 10, 1969

(PRO 351, 1969)
A single disc slipped into the mix while Warners was trying to decide if the doubles would sell. Notes by John Mendelsohn and WB's Pete Johnson. Details courtesy of Tom Smith; cover art courtesy of Drew Shomer.

Norman Greenbaum: Spirit in the Sky
Levitt & McClure: Reflections
Denny Brooks: I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free
Ruthann Friedman: People
The Kinks: Shangri-la
Frank Zappa: Peaches en Regalia
Fleetwood Mac: Rattlesnake Shake
Eric Andersen: Lie with Me
The Fifth Avenue Band: Fast Freight
The Mike Post Coalition: Bubble Gum Breakthrough

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Big Ball


(PRO 358, 1970)
First Loss Leader of the Seventies, and back to the two-disc format.

The Fifth Avenue Band: Nice Folks
John Sebastian: Red-Eye Express
The Beach Boys: This Whole World
Geoff & Maria Muldaur: New Orleans Hopscop Blues
Arlo Guthrie: Coming in to Los Angeles
Eric Andersen: I Was the Rebel, She Was the Cause
Norman Greenbaum: Jubilee
Savage Grace: Ivy
Van Morrison: Caravan
Fleetwood Mac: Oh Well (Parts 1 & 2)
The Pentangle: Sally Go Round the Roses
Jethro Tull: Nothing Is Easy
Small Faces: Flying
Family: No Mule's Fool
The Kinks: When I Turn Out the Living Room Light
The Everly Brothers: I'm on My Way Home Again
Tim Buckley: Happy Time
Joni Mitchell: Big Yellow Taxi
Neil Young: The Loner
Gordon Lightfoot: Approaching Lavender
Randy Newman: Mama Told Me Not to Come
James Taylor: Fire and Rain
Dion: Sit Down Old Friend
Ed Sanders: The Illiad
The GTO's: Kansas and the GTO's; The Captain's Fat Theresa Shoes; The Original GTO's
Captain Beefheart: Ella Guru
The Mothers of Invention: WPLJ
Wild Man Fischer: The Taster; The Story of the Taster
Pearls Before Swine: Footnote
The Grateful Dead: Turn On Your Love Light

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(PRO 359, 1970)
Showcasing some Warners tracks that might conceivably get MOR airplay.

Petula Clark: Fill the World with Love
The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band: Love Land
Peter, Paul & Mary: The Song Is Love
Ella Fitzgerald: I'll Never Fall in Love Again
Trini Lopez: Love Story
Glenn Yarbrough: Sunshine Fields of Love
The Vogues: P.S. I Love You
Theo Bikel: Urge for Goin'
Joni Mitchell: Chelsea Morning
Gordon Lightfoot: Pony Man
Miriam Makeba: For What It's Worth
Dion: You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover
The Everly Brothers: On My Way Home Again
Arlo Guthrie: Stealin'
Harpers Bizarre: Soft Soundin' Music
Frank Sinatra: Sabia
The San Sebastian Strings: Body Surfing with the Jet Set
Rod McKuen: Jean
Herbie Hancock: Fat Mama
The Association: Dubuque Blues
Vince Guaraldi: Alma-Ville
The Neon Philharmonic: Cowboy
The Fifth Avenue Band: Country Time Rhymes
Mason Williams: Cowboy Buckaroo
The Mike Post Coalition: Big Mouth Harp
Kenny Rogers and the First Edition: Reuben James
Randy Newman: Suzanne
Doug Kershaw: Diggy Diggy Lo

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(PRO 368, 1970)
A single disc featuring acts on Frank Zappa's Bizarre/Straight labels. Notes by John Mendelsohn.

Alice Cooper: Titanic Overture; Refrigerator Heaven
Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band: The Blimp (Mousetrapreplica); Old Fart at Play
Judy Henske & Jerry Yester: St Nicholas Hall
Tim Buckley: I Must Have Been Blind
Wild Man Fischer: Merry-Go-Round
Tim Dawe: Little Boy Blue
Lord Buckley: Governor Slugwell
Jeff Simmons: Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up
The Mothers of Invention: Holiday in Berlin, Full Blown
The GTO's: Do Me In Once and I'll Be Sad, Do Me In Twice and I'll Know Better (Circular Circulation)
Frank Zappa: Willie the Pimp

Note: This is the first release, with Zappa's Bizarre logo on the label; Warners later reissued it with a standard WB label and the same number, but different cover art and a few different tracks. (Our thanks to Keith Hanlon, your source on the Web for all things Judy Henske, for this revelation.)

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Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies


(PRO 423, 1970)
The only triple-disc set in the series; I don't have this one. Track listing is from a Warners inner sleeve. Thanks to Matt for the scan.

WB Radio Spots: It's the Plastic; Chip Dip
Faces: Real Good Time
Black Sabbath: Paranoid
Little Feat: Strawberry Flats
Hard Meat: Smile as You Go Under
Fleetwood Mac: Tell Me All the Things You Do
Jimi Hendrix: Stepping Stone
John Simon: The Elves' Song
Ry Cooder: Alimony
Randy Newman: Let's Burn Down the Cornfield
Gordon Lightfoot: Me and Bobby McGee
Jimmy Webb: P. F. Sloan
Performance: Harry Flowers
Little Richard: I Saw Her Standing There
The Grateful Dead: Sugar Magnolia
Van Morrison: Call Me up in Dreamland
The Kinks: Apeman
Arlo Guthrie: Valley to Pray
The Beach Boys: It's About Time
The Youngbloods: It's a Lovely Day
Jeffrey Cain: Houndog Turkey
Lovecraft: Love Has Come to Me
Sweetwater: Just for You
Captain Beefheart: Lick My Decals Off, Baby
The Mothers of Invention: Directly from My Heart to You
Alice Cooper: Return of the Spiders
Frank Zappa: Would You Go All the Way?
Beaver & Krause: Spaced; Sanctuary
Pearls Before Swine: The Jeweler
James Taylor: Lo and Behold
Harpers Bizarre: If We Ever Needed the Lord Before
Van Dyke Parks: On the Rolling Sea When Jesus Speaks to Me
The Persuasions: It's All Right
Turley Richards: I Heard the Voice of Jesus

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Non-Dairy Creamer


(PRO 443, 1971)
Another single disc.

Little Feat: Snakes on Everything
Rosebud: Panama
Peter Green: Hidden Depth
Curved Air: It Happened Today
Tony Joe White: Five Summers for Jimmy
John and Beverley Martyn: Primrose Hill
Ohio Knox: Pound or My Dog Dad for Robert Downey (a Prince)
Jeffrey Cain: Mr Governor
Zephyr: Going Back to Colorado
Ron Nagle: Family Style
Brownsville Station: Rumble

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Hot Platters


(PRO 474, 1971)
Cover designed to look like an old, beverage-stained menu.

Deep Purple: Strange Kind of Woman
John Baldry: It Ain't Easy
Labelle: Shades of Difference
Redeye: Beginning to End
T. Rex: Hot Love
Randy Newman: Last Night I Had a Dream
Jackie Lomax: Helluva Woman
Paul Stookey: Sebastian
Norman Greenbaum: Circulate
Ron Nagle: Marijuana Hell
Gordon Lightfoot: 10 Degrees and Getting Colder
The Beach Boys: Feel Flows
Fanny: Soul Child
The Kinks: Animals in the Zoo
The Stovall Sisters: Spirit in the Sky
Rosebud: Lullabye II (Summer Carol)
Ry Cooder: On a Monday
Big Mama Thornton: One More River
John D. Loudermilk: Tobacco Road
Beaver & Krause: Walkin' by the River
Ronnie Milsap: Please Don't Tell Me How the Story Ends
Mother Earth: Bring Me Home

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(PRO 486, 1971)
The last of the single-disc samplers.

Mary Travers: Circus
The Doobie Brothers: Slippery St Paul
Jackie Lomax: A Hundred Mountains
Stoneground: Rainy Day in June
Mother Earth: Temptation Took Control of Me and I Fell
Faces: Tell Everyone
Earth, Wind and Fire: Help Somebody
John Baldry: Let's Burn Down the Cornfield
Crazy Horse: Dirty, Dirty
Alice Cooper: Long Way to Go
T. Rex: Is It Love?

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Whole Burbank Catalog


(PRO 512, 1972)
First set to credit Barry Hansen (Dr Demento) for assemblage and annotation.

Radio Spot: Sgt Preston of the Yukon
Jerry Garcia: The Wheel
Arthur Alexander: It Hurts to Want It So Bad
Allen Toussaint: Fingers and Toes
Jackie Lomax: Lavender Dream
Daddy Cool: Eagle Rock
Radio Spot: Manhattan Merry-Go-Round
Faces: Memphis
Malo: Nena
Fleetwood Mac: Show Me a Smile
Jethro Tull: Sweet Dream
Alice Cooper: Be My Lover
Radio Spot: Inner Sanctum
T. Rex: Bang a Gong (Get It On)
Captain Beefheart: Click Clack
Halfnelson: Biology II
Seals & Crofts: Sudan Village
Todd Rundgren: A Long Time, a Long Way to Go
America: Sandman
Radio Spot: The Lone Ranger
Wendy Carlos: William Tell Overture
Little Jerry and the Monotones: Mad!
Ry Cooder: Money Honey
Bonnie Raitt: Big Road
William Truckaway: Bluegreens
Ramblin' Jack Elliott: Howdido
Kenny Young: Simple Joys
Arlo Guthrie: Ukulele Lady

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Middle of the Road


(PRO 525, 1972)
Just like it sounds.

Jennifer: In the Morning
Dion: Sunshine Lady
Rod McKuen: Friendly Sounds
Jesse Colin Young: It's a Lovely Day
Gordon Lightfoot: Second Cup of Coffee; Ode to Big Blue
James Taylor: Hey Mister, That's Me up on the Jukebox
Randy Newman: Political Science
John Stewart: An Account of Haley's Comet
Kenny Rogers and the First Edition: Calico Silver; Write Me Down (Don't Forget My Name)
John Sebastian: Give Us a Break
Fleetwood Mac: World in Harmony
Frank Sinatra: Love's Been Good to Me
Seals & Crofts: Paper Airplanes
Todd Rundgren: Dust in the Wind
The Beach Boys: Caroline No
America: I Need You
Mary Travers: It Will Come to You Again
T. Rex: Life's a Gas
Alex Taylor: Comin' Back to You
The Pentangle: When I Get Home
Peter Yarrow: Side Road
Tony Joe White: The Family
Dionne Warwick(e): If You Never Say Goodbye
Paul Stookey: Wedding Song (There Is Love)

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(PRO 529, 1972)
Cover "based on a theme".

Tower of Power: Down to the Nightclub
Curved Air: Phantasmagoria
Alice Cooper: Public Animal #9
Van Dyke Parks: G-Man Hoover
Arlo Guthrie: Voter Registration Rag
John Cale: Intro; Days of Steam
Labelle: Peace with Yourself
Fanny: Borrowed Time
T. Rex: Telegram Sam
Maxayn: Trying for Days
Foghat: Highway (Killing Me)
The Meters: Cabbage Alley
Jimi Hendrix: The Stars That Play with Laughing Sam's Dice
Mark Volman & Howard Kaylan: I Been Born Again
Beaver & Krause: Bluebird Canyon Stomp
Captain Beyond: Thousand Days of Yesterday (Times Since Come and Gone)
Bob Weir: Cassidy
John Fahey: Steamboat Gwine 'Round the Bend
Zephyr: Sunset Ride
John Baldry: You Can't Judge a Book by the Cover
Deep Purple: When a Blind Man Cries
Martin Mull: Ventriloquist Love
John Renbourn: Kokomo Blues
Matthew Ellis: Avalon
Geoff & Maria Muldaur: Kneein' Me

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Days of Wine & Vinyl


(PRO 540, 1972)
Pass the blush.

Tir Na Nog: Come and See the Show
Arlo Guthrie: The Ballad of Tricky Fred
Tim Buckley: Move with Me
Jesse Winchester: Isn't That So?
Arthur Conley: Rita
Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band: Too Much Time
The Section: Doin' the Meatball
James Taylor: Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
America: Head and Heart
Mickey Hart: Blind John
Dion: Sea Gull
The Incredible String Band: My Father Was a Lighthouse Keeper
Bonnie Raitt: Too Long at the Fair
Alexis Korner and Snape: Country Shoes
Steeleye Span: Spotted Cow
Jethro Tull: Living in the Past
Dick Heckstall-Smith: Future Song
Harpers Bizarre: Poly High
Sparks: Moon Over Kentucky
The Youngbloods: Speedo
Bobby Charles: Small Town Talk
Memphis Slim: You're the One
David Bowie: Can't Help Thinking About Me
Roxy Music: Virginia Plain
Norman Greenbaum: The Day the Well Went Dry
John Hartford: Bye-Bye

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(PRO 569, 1973)
For no good reason, my favorite of the series.

Little Feat: Dixie Chicken
Arlo Guthrie: Lovesick Blues
Bert Jansch: The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
Linda Lewis: Rock-a-Doodle-Doo
Paul Butterfield: Baby Please Don't Go
Seals & Crofts: Jessica
Van Morrison: Warm Love
Faces: Borstal Boys
Todd Rundgren: Is It My Name?
Fanny: All Mine
Alice Cooper: Billion Dollar Babies
John Cale: Paris 1919
Procol Harum: Toujours l'Amour
The Incredible String Band: Second Fiddle
Steeleye Span: Misty Moisty Morning
The Doobie Brothers: Dark Eyed Cajun Woman
Wet Willie: Airport
T. Rex: Born to Boogie
Deep Purple: I'm Alone
Lorraine Ellison: Many Rivers to Cross
Martin Mull: Licks off of Records
William Truckaway: Roller Derby Starr
Flo & Eddie: Another Pop Star's Life
Seatrain: Bloodshot Eyes
The Beach Boys: Susie Cincinnati
Foghat: What a Shame

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(PRO 573, 1973)
Features sound bites from Warner Bros. movies.

Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton: Excerpt from Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Chip Taylor: (I Want) The Real Thing
Jimmy Cliff: On My Life
Maria Muldaur: Don't You Feel My Leg (Don't You Make Me High)
Strider: Higher and Higher
Bonnie Raitt: Let Me In
Humphrey Bogart & Alfonso Bedoya: Excerpt from Treasure of the Sierra Madre
The Allman Brothers Band: Ramblin' Man
JSD Band: Cuckoo
Three Man Army: Take a Look at the Light
Jethro Tull: Inside
James Dean: Excerpt from Rebel Without a Cause
Back Door: Plantaganet
The Mothers: I'm the Slime
The Section: Bullet Train
Robin Trower: Twice Removed from Yesterday
The Marshall Tucker Band: Hillbilly Band
The Sopwith Camel: Dancin' Wizard
Kathy Dalton: Long Gone Charlie, Hit and Run
Bugs Bunny & Barbra Streisand: Excerpt from What's Up, Doc?
Uriah Heep: Seven Stars
America: Muskrat Love
Martin Mull: Santa Doesn't Cop Out on Dope
James Cagney: Excerpt from Yankee Doodle Dandy
Gene Parsons: Monument
The Doobie Brothers: Natural Thing
Bedlam: Sweet Sister Mary
Wendy Waldman: Gringo en Mexico
Jesse Colin Young: Evenin'
Tim Buckley: Sally Go 'Round the Roses
Ingrid Bergman, Humphrey Bogart & Dooley Wilson: Excerpt from Casablanca
Peter Yarrow: Wayfaring Stranger

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Hard Goods


(PRO 583, 1974)
Artist photos and extra pages were eliminated as an economy measure, but the price held.

Graham Central Station: We've Been Waiting; Can You Handle It?
Montrose: Good Rockin' Tonight
The Doobie Brothers: Pursuit on 53rd Street
Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes: Sweet Revenge
The Talbot Brothers: Trail of Tears
Foghat: That'll Be the Day
Van Morrison: Ain't Nothin' You Can Do
Chunky, Novi & Ernie: Atlantic Liner
Deep Purple: "A" 200
Frank Zappa: Cosmik Debris
Todd Rundgren: Heavy Metal Kids
Bob Seger: UMC (Upper Middle Class)
Kiss: Strutter
Steeleye Span: Thomas the Rhymer
The Marshall Tucker Band: Another Cruel Love
Osibisa: Take Your Trouble - Go
Gregg Allman: Please Call Home
Neil Young with Graham Nash: War Song
Denver, Boise & Johnson: The '68 Nixon (This Year's Model)
Alan Price: In Times Like These
Seals & Crofts: Dance by the Light of the Moon
Terry Melcher: Dr Horowitz
Leo Sayer: The Show Must Go On
The Beach Boys: Vegetables
Robin Trower: About to Begin
Dooley Wilson: As Time Goes By

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(PRO 588, 1974)
A compilation of tracks from the Georgia-based Capricorn label, then distributed by Warners. Notes by Mike Hyland. Details courtesy of Tom Smith; cover art courtesy of Drew Shomer.

Richard Betts: Highway Call
Wet Willie: Lucy Was in Trouble
Elvin Bishop: Let It Flow
Johnny Darrell: Orange Blossom Special
Percy Sledge: Walkin' in the Sun
Maxayn: Moonfunk
The Marshall Tucker Band: Blue Ridge Mountain Sky
Boyer & Talton: Houston
Johnny Jenkins: Voodoo in You
The Allman Brothers Band: Come and Go Blues
Bobby Thompson: Foxfire
Captain Beyond: Sufficiently Breathless
Gregg Allman: Dreams
Larry Henley: I'll Come Running Back to You
Grinderswitch: Catch a Train
James Montgomery Band: I'm Funky But I'm Clean
White Witch: Black Widow Lover
Hydra: Glitter Queen
Duke Williams and the Extremes: God Bless All the Girls in the World
Kenny O'Dell: I Take It in Home
Kitty Wells: I've Been Loving You Too Long
Arthur Conley: Stop Knocking
Chris Christman: Apron Strings
Duane Allman: Happily Married Man

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Deep Ear


(PRO 591, 1974)
I will not deign to describe the cover of this one.

Good Rats: Back to My Music
James Taylor: Rock 'n' Roll Is Music Now
Jimmy Cliff: Music Maker
Richard Betts: Rain
Jesse Winchester: Wake Me
Elvin Bishop: Travelin' Shoes
Doug Sahm: Groover's Paradise
Little Feat: Spanish Moon
Maria Muldaur: Do I Care
Adam Faith: I Believe in Love
Ry Cooder: Tattler
Lorraine Ellison: Walk Around Heaven
Wendy Waldman: My Love Is All I Know
Frankie Miller: Brickyard Blues
America: Tin Man
Arlo Guthrie: Me and My Goose
Randy Newman: Rollin'
Van Dyke Parks: Come to the Sunshine
Jesse Colin Young: Light Shine
Browning Bryant: This Is My Day
Ashton and Lord: We're Gonna Make It
Bonnie Raitt: What Is Success
The Peter Peter Ivers Band: Alpha Centauri
John Hartford: Boogie
The Meters: Jungle Man
Wet Willie: Keep On Smilin'

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The Force


(PRO 596, 1975)
No, not you, Obi-Wan. This is two years before Star Wars, anyway.

Leo Sayer: Long Tall Glasses
Jethro Tull: Bungle in the Jungle
Kenny Rankin: In the Name of Love
Fleetwood Mac: Silver Heels
Percy Sledge: I'll Be Your Everything
Graham Central Station: Feel the Need
Trapeze: Turn It On
Foghat: Rock & Roll Outlaw
Montrose: I Got the Fire
Utopia: Freedom Fighters
Brave Belt: Goodbye, Soul Shy
Deep Purple: Stormbringer
The Marshall Tucker Band: This Ol' Cowboy
John Sebastian: Wild About My Lovin'
Debbie Dawn: Hands
Maria Muldaur: It Ain't the Meat, It's the Motion
Jan & Dean: Laurel & Hardy
Mike McGear: Norton
The Doobie Brothers: Black Water
Ron Wood: I Can Feel the Fire
Tower of Power: Only So Much Oil in the Ground
Gregg Allman: Double Cross
Van Morrison: Comfort You

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All Meat


(PRO 604, 1975)
"Not a speck of cereal," insists Frank Zappa.

The Doobie Brothers: Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me)
James Taylor: I Was a Fool to Care
Faces with Rod Stewart: You Can Make Me Dance, Sing or Anything
Wendy Waldman: Wings
Nilsson & Cher: A Love Like Yours
Curtis Mayfield: So in Love
Elvin Bishop: Juke Joint Jump
John Hammond: Can't Beat the Kid
Emmylou Harris: Bluebird Wine
Grinderswitch: Let the South Wind Blow
Wet Willie: Dixie Rock
Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen: That's What I Like about the South
Allen Toussaint: Country John
Gary Wright: Dream Weaver
The Beau Brummels: Singing Cowboy
Peter Yarrow: Brother, Can You Spare a Dime
Geoff Muldaur: Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You
John Renton: Monday Morning
Martin Mull: Show Me Yours (I'll Show You Mine)
Jesse Colin Young: Motorhome
Hirth Martinez: Comin' Round the Moon
Todd Rundgren: Eastern Intrigue
Labelle: Won't Get Fooled Again
Jimi Hendrix: Captain Coconut

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Peaches, Vol. 2


(PRO 605, 1975)
A second collection from Capricorn Records, which I haven't seen; Keith McCary sent the cover art, for which we thank him.

Elvin Bishop: Sure Feels Good
Wet Willie: Ain't He a Mess
Bobby Whitlock: Free and Easy (Way of Lovin' You)
Gregg Allman: Are You Lonely for Me Baby
John Hammond: It's Groovin' Time
Travis Wammack: (Shu-Doo-Pa-Poo-Poop) Love Being Your Fool
The Allman Brothers Band: Nevertheless
Hydra: The Pistol
Fallenrock: Love's a Game
Percy Sledge: I Believe in You
Marcia Waldorf: You Don't Have to Beg for What You're Man Enough to Steal
Grinderswitch: Drifter
Razzy Bailey: Peanut Butter
Kitty Wells: Anybody Out There Want to Be a Daddy
Johnny Wright: Wild, Passionate Lover
Kenny O'Dell: My Honky Tonk Ways
Johnny Darrell: Pieces of My Life
The Marshall Tucker Band: Fire on the Mountain
Martin Mull: Do the Dog
Cowboy: Where Can You Go?
Bonnie Bramlett: Since I Met You Baby
Blue Jug: Hard Luck Jimmy
Richard Betts: Highway Call (what, again?)

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I didn't know...


(PRO 608, 1975)
Back to the middle of the road.

Seals & Crofts: I'll Play for You
Bonnie Raitt: You Got to Be Ready for Love (If You Wanna Be Mine)
Leo Sayer: One Man Band
Dionne Warwick: Then Came You
Van Morrison: Moondance
Fleetwood Mac: Rhiannon
James Taylor: How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You)
Marcia Waldorf: The Rhythm of the South
Arlo Guthrie: The City of New Orleans
Randy Newman: Birmingham
Cher: Geronimo's Cadillac
Emmylou Harris: If I Could Only Win Your Love
Chris Ducey: Hula Rocka Hula
Joni Mitchell: Carey
Randy Newman: Mama Told Me Not to Come (live)
John Sebastian: Singing the Blues
Maria Muldaur: Oh Papa
Kenny Rankin: Silver Morning
Waldo de los Rios: Beethoven - Symphony No 7 in A Major, 2nd Movement
San Sebastian Strings: Declaration; Atlas
Gordon Lightfoot: Rainy Day People
Gregg Allman: These Days
Rex Allen, Jr: I Can See Clearly Now
Wendy Waldman: Spring Is Here
Jesse Colin Young: Songbird
Rod McKuen: They're Playing Our Song

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The Works


(PRO 610, 1975)
Advertised as "The First Industrial-Strength Record Album".

Rod Stewart: Stone Cold Sober
Foghat: Fool for the City
Jimmy Cliff: If I Follow My Mind
Montrose: Dancin' Feet
Tower of Power: On the Serious Side
Van Dyke Parks: Clang of the Yankee Reaper
Fleetwood Mac: World Turning
Al Jarreau: We Got By
Bonnie Raitt: What Do You Want the Boy to Do
Ray Wylie Hubbard & the Cowboy Twinkies: Jazzbo Dancer
David Sanborn: It Took a Long Time
Graham Central Station: Water
The Meters: Fire on the Bayou
Leo Sayer: Moonlighting
Little Feat: One Love Stand
Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen: Roll Your Own
Richard Pryor: Cocaine
Frank Zappa & Captain Beefheart: Debra Kadabra
Ronee Blakley: American Beauty
Leon Redbone: Desert Blues (Big Chief Buffalo Nickel)
Chris Ducey: Seeds
Black Sabbath: Supertzar
Utopia: Something's Coming
The Beach Boys: Child of Winter

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(PRO 630, 1976)
The title appears nowhere on the jacket, and is not emphasized in the liner notes.

Jorge Calderón: City Music
William D. Smith: Take Your Pick (Do Your Trick)
Jesse Colin Young: Have You Seen My Baby
The Four Seasons: Silver Star
Elvin Bishop: Struttin' My Stuff
Bellamy Brothers: Let Your Love Flow
George Benson: Breezin'
First Choice: Are You Ready for Me?
Bootsy's Rubber Band: Physical Love
Miroslav Vitous: Synthesizers Dance
Todd Rundgren: Happenings Ten Years Time Ago
The Doobie Brothers: Rio
Michael Franks: Monkey See - Monkey Do
Seals & Crofts: Get Closer
Maria Muldaur: Back by Fall
John Sebastian: Welcome Back
Leon & Mary Russell: Quiet Nights
Pat Martino: Starbright
Roger Cook: Beautiful Memories
Phil Cody: Bogie
Rahsaan Roland Kirk: Sweet Georgia Brown
Emmylou Harris: Ooh Las Vegas
Slade: All the World Is a Stage

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People's Record


(PRO 645, 1976)
How now, brown Mao?

James Taylor: Shower the People
Gordon Lightfoot: I'd Do It Again
Dion: Runaway Man
The Beach Boys: Back Home
Arlo Guthrie: Patriots' Dream
Mike Finnigan: Saved by the Grace of Your Love
Fleetwood Mac: Over My Head
Peter Ivers: In Pursuit of Treasure
Tiger: Suzy Slicker
Alice Cooper: Go to Hell
Graham Central Station: Save Me
Philip Catherine: We'll Find a Way
Nazareth: I Will Not Be Led
Lamont Dozier: Right There
Little Feat: All That You Dream
George Benson: This Masquerade
Al Jarreau: Hold On Me
Rod Stewart: The Killing of Georgie (Parts I and II)
Billy Joe Shaver: Texas Uphere Tennessee
Leon Redbone: Polly Wolly Doodle
Michael Franks: Popsicle Toes
Rex Allen, Jr: Crying in the Rain
Bonnie Bramlett: You Send Me
Ray Stevens: Om
Tom Ranier: Goin' Home

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Cook Book


(PRO 660, 1977)
Focusing on Warners' black acts; notes by Gene Sculatti and Bob Merlis.

Charles Wright and the 103rd Street Rhythm Band: Express Yourself
The Meters: Trick Bag
Jimmy Cliff: Struggling Man
Graham Central Station: Love Covers a Multitude of Sin
Dionne Warwick: Once You Hit the Road
George Benson: Nature Boy
Candi Staton: Run to Me
The Staples: Love Me, Love Me, Love Me
Curtis Mayfield: Only You Babe
The Doobie Brothers: Takin' It to the Streets
Bootsy's Rubber Band: Rubber Duckie
Funkadelic: Comin' Round the Mountain
Ashford & Simpson: Tried, Tested and Found True
Banks & Hampton: Loving You
Crackin': Take Me to the Bridge
Randy Crawford: Don't Let Me Down
Roy Redmond: Good Day Sunshine
New Birth: The Long and Winding Road
Undisputed Truth: You + Me = Love
Paul Kelly: (Loving You) Ain't Nothing Better
Tony Wilson: I Like Your Style
Al Jarreau: Somebody's Watching You
Lamont Dozier: It's the Same Old Song
Mystique: What Would the World Be Without Music

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(PRO 691, 1977)
After which Dr. Demento takes some time off.

Ry Cooder: Alimony
Sanford and Townsend: Moolah Moo Mazuma (Sin City Wahh-oo)
Jonathan Cain Band: Windy City Breakdown
Bonnie Raitt: Runaway
Little Feat: Red Streamliner
Van Morrison: Flamingos Fly
Leo Sayer: You Make Me Feel Like Dancing
Al Jarreau: Better than Anything
Kate & Anna McGarrigle: Walking Song
Danny O'Keefe: The Runaway
Eddie Hazel: California Dreamin'
Fleetwood Mac: Dreams
Mylon LeFevre: Goodbye Miss Sadness
Chunky, Novi & Ernie: Didn't Wanna Hurtcha for Another Guy
Jesse Winchester: Nothing But a Breeze
Wendy Waldman: Living Is Good
Jesse Colin Young: Higher & Higher
Deaf School: What a Way to End It All
The Gabby Pahinui Hawaiian Band: Aloha ka Manini
Henhouse Five Plus Too: In the Mood
Hirth Martinez: Nothin' Iz New
Emmylou Harris: She
Gary Wright: Phantom Writer
Attitudes: In a Stranger's Arms
Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes: Call of the Wild
The Doobie Brothers: You're Made That Way
Rod Stewart: Tonight's the Night (Gonna Be Alright)

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Collectus Interruptus


(PRO A-726, 1978)
"Twenty-Six Earbinding Songs of Unique Delight, Derring Do, Heartbreak, Scandal and Lurid Sensation". Notes by Steven X. Rea.

Allen Toussaint: Night People
John Handy: Go for Yourself
Ashford & Simpson: Don't Cost You Nothing
Prince: Soft and Wet
Etta James: Deep in the Night
Seals & Crofts: Sunrise
David Sanborn: Solo
Dan Hicks: Cloud My Sunny Mood
George Benson: Down Here on the Ground
Renaissance: Northern Lights
Ronnie Montrose: Mandolinia
Gary Wright: Sky Eyes
Deodato: Chariot of the Gods
Ambrosia: Life Beyond L.A.
Van Halen: Runnin' with the Devil
Sex Pistols: God Save the Queen (version from Never Mind the Bollocks)
Bootsy's Rubber Band: Bootzilla
Manfred Mann's Earth Band: Davy's on the Road Again
Leo Sayer: Something Fine
Shaun Cassidy: Teen Dream
Ramones: Rockaway Beach
Wendy Waldman: Strange Company
Gordon Lightfoot: The Circle Is Small
Randy Newman: Sigmund Freud's Impersonation of Albert Einstein in America
The Band & Emmylou Harris: Evangeline
Ry Cooder: We Shall Be Happy

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Pumping Vinyl


(PRO A-773, 1979)
The Doctor is back for another sampler.

Nicolette Larson: Come Early Mornin'
Rodney Crowell: Voilà, an American Dream
Michael Franks: Wrestle a Live Nude Girl
Rose Royce: Love Don't Live Here Anymore
The Staples: Showdown
Thin Lizzy: Jailbreak (live)
Funkadelic: Who Says a Funk Band Can't Play Rock?
Larry Graham and Graham Central Station: It's the Engine in Me
Larry Carlton: Nite Crawler
Third World: Now That We Found Love
Fortune: Forget About Tomorrow
Van Morrison: Natalia
Lonette McKee: Maybe There Are Reasons
Donna Fargo: Sweet Sexy Guy
Flora Purim: I Just Don't Know
Carlene Carter: Never Together but Close Sometimes
Willie Hutch: Paradise
Todd Rundgren: Fade Away
Devo: Mongoloid
The Pirates: Shake Hands with the Devil
Jimmy Cliff: Bongo Man
Leon Russell: Elvis and Marilyn
Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band: Love Lies
Bruce Cockburn: Laughter
Arlo Guthrie: (Last Night I Had the) Strangest Dream

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a la Carte


(PRO A-794, 1979)
Another eatery, this one presumably farther upscale. Assembled by Sequins Ink: Nina Franklin, Linda York, Ellen Pelissero.

St. Paradise: Jackie
Jr. Walker: Wishing on a Star
Con Hunley: Since I Fell For You
Candi Staton: When You Wake Up Tomorrow
Adam Mitchell: The French Waltz
Robert Palmer: Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor)
Bellamy Brothers: If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me
Gibson Brothers: Cuba
Danny O'Keefe: On the Wheel of Love
The Sanford/Townsend Band: Shady Grove
Climax Blues Band: Fallen in Love (For the Very Last Time)
Duncan Browne: The Wild Places
Madleen Kane: Forbidden Love
Runner: Sooner Than Later
Roger Voudouris: Does Our Love (Depend on the Night)
Nytro: Nytro Express
The B-52's: Rock Lobster
Mavis Staples: Tonight I Feel Like Dancing
Emmylou Harris: Save the Last Dance for Me
Maria Muldaur: Love Is Everything
Bootsy's Rubber Band: Jam Fan

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(PRO A-796, 1979)
I have yet to snag a copy of this, but a kindred spirit, seeing my plight, duly provided all the information you could want. Once again, Dr. Demento assembled the set.

Rickie Lee Jones: Danny's All-Star Joint
The Doobie Brothers: Here to Love You
Osiris: What's the Use?
Ashford & Simpson: It Seems to Hang On
George Benson: Livin' Inside Your Love
Lowell George: Can't Stand the Rain
Randy Crawford: I Stand Accused
George Harrison: Not Guilty
Bob Marley and the Wailers: Stir It Up
Gary Wright: Love's Awake Inside
Kate & Anna McGarrigle: NaCl
Van Halen: Dance the Night Away
Mary Russell: Heart of Fire
Inner Circle: Everything is Great
Chaka Khan: Sleep On It
Gino Soccio: Dance to Dance
American Standard Band: Got What It Takes
Wornell Jones: Lay It on the Line
Tin Huey: Hump Day
Alice Cooper: From the Inside
Michael Franks: Underneath the Apple Tree
The Roches: We

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(PRO 828, 1980)
First of the new decade, and a new price: 2 LPs for $3. Jim Bickhart takes over as annotator.

Leo Sayer: When the Money Runs Out
Tom Johnston: Outlaw
Lauren Wood: Where Did I Get These Tears
Vapour Trails: True Love
Danny Douma: Carnival Boy
Van Morrison: Troubadours
Roy Wood: Dancin' at the Rainbow's End
The Korgis: If I Had You
Ramones: I Want You Around
Alda Reserve: Whiter Than White
Talking Heads: Drugs
Monty Python: Excerpts from Life of Brian
Randy Newman: It's Money That I Love
Nicolette Larson: Isn't It Always Love
Ry Cooder: Little Sister
The Beau Brummels: One Too Many Mornings
Carlene Carter: Radio Sweetheart
Bonnie Raitt: You're Gonna Get What's Coming
Sly and the Family Stone: Remember Who You Are
Funkadelic: Field Maneuvers
Little Feat: Down on the Farm
The Dukes: Who's Gonna Tell You
Bob Marley and the Wailers: Wake Up and Live

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(PRO 850, 1980)
Issued to mark the German jazz label ECM's distribution deal with Warner Bros., this set, billed as "An International Array of Innovative Jazz Music and Performers," contains complete notes by ECM's Steve Lake. Roger Green found this one for me.

Keith Jarrett and Belonging: Country
Old and New Dreams: Lonely Woman
Terje Rypdal Group: Avskjed
Steve Reich and Musicians: excerpt from Music for 18 Musicians
Codona: Codona
Gary Burton and Chick Corea: Señor Mouse
John Abercrombie and Ralph Towner: Over and Gone
Jack DeJohnette's Special Edition: Journey to the Twin Planet
Paul Motian Trio: Cabala/Drum Music
Art Ensemble of Chicago: JA
Steve Kuhn/Sheila Jordan Band: The Zoo
John Abercrombie Quartet: Nightlake
Haden/Garbarek/Gismonti: Magico
Pat Metheny Group: (Cross the) Heartland

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(PRO A-857, 1980)
First called to my attention by Al at Suburban Voice 'zine, this is as punk as Burbank would get.

Sex Pistols: Anarchy In The U.S.A.; No Fun (live)
Urban Verbs: Subways; The Only One of You
Robin Lane and the Chartbusters: Don't Wait Till Tomorrow; Kathy Lee
Wire: Map Reference 41°N 93°W; I Should have Known Better
Marianne Faithfull: Working Class Hero; Broken English
John Cale: Temper
Gang of Four: Damaged Goods; Anthrax
Modern Lovers: I'm Straight; Government Center
Devo: Social Fools
Public Image Ltd: Public Image; Swan Lake
Buggles: Video Killed the Radio Star; Clean, Clean
Pearl Harbour and the Explosions: You Got It (Release It); Busy Little B Side
Nico: My Only Child
Brian Briggs: Nervous Breakdown

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Loss Leaders Revisited


(PRO-CD-7955, 1995)
A limited-edition CD (3500 copies) with retro cool; not properly a Loss Leader, since it was given away, but it caps the series with panache. Details courtesy of Mike Clarson.

Cornershop: Wog
You Am I: We're Desperate
Cibo Matto: Birthday Cake
Goo Goo Dolls: I Wanna Destroy You
The Flaming Lips: Placebo Headwound
Shane MacGowan: Cracklin' Rosie
Son Volt: Drown
Balloon Guy: Burnout Trouble
Mr. Bungle: Desert Search for Techno Allah
Suddenly, Tammy!: Whole Lotta Girl
Soul Coughing: Sugar Free Jazz
T. J. Kirk: Teo Take 1
Deftones: 7 Words
Chance the Gardener: Boise
The Flaming Lips/Nick Cave: What a Wonderful World

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Loss Leaders 2


(PRO-CD-9949, 1999)
"Revisited" promised a second volume, and this is it: again, not for sale, and limited to an edition of 2500. Details courtesy of Steve Engler.

Adam Sandler: The Peeper
Static-X: Push It
Citizen King: After Burner
The Flaming Lips: Buggin' (live from KCRW)
Red Hot Chili Peppers: Me and My Friends
Sense Field: War of the Worlds
Goo Goo Dolls: Black Balloon (live from KNDD)
Owsley: I'm Alright
Porno for Pyros: Pete's Dad
Talking Heads: Heaven (live)
Cibo Matto: Moonchild (Mouse on Mars remix)
Deadsy: She Likes Big Words
Café Tacuba: Reves (Oldskool Gus Gus remix)
Built to Spill: Now and Then
Deep Red: Flow

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