Sam the Sham

MGM 13972, 1968
Billboard: #120

Technically, it's a bi-labial fricative, though you might know it better as a raspberry, a Bronx cheer, the sound of the classic whoopee cushion. Whatever the terminology, it says !!*@! on the label, and that's all Sam Samudio, partly out of revenge, partly just for fun, has to say to his ex in his last chart single. Wayne Carson Thompson, who is better known for having written "The Letter" and "Soul Deep", enormous hits for the Box Tops, concocted this tune, which was first recorded by the Geezinslaw Brothers on Capitol 2086 under the title "I Couldn't Spell Yuuk." Sam delivers his version with such verve (appropriate for an MGM act) that you can almost imagine him, in high "Little Red Riding Hood" style, licking his chops. Then again, he could be just trying to regulate his spit displacement.

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Where can I get this on CD?
Rhino to the rescue, with their Sam the Sham compilation Pharaohization! (R2 75329), issued in 1998. As of mid-2006, it could be purchased on iTunes.

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