The Roosters

Philips 40504, 1968
Billboard: #106

First off, this is not the Roosters which included the pre-Yardbirds Eric Clapton. However, the L.A.-based group that put out "One of These Days" in 1966 on the Progressive Sounds of America label may have been the ancestor of these Roosters; "One of These Days" was written by Timothy Ward, who with perhaps one or two others was part of the "Love Machine" sessions, backed by a gaggle of studio pros under the guiding hand of producer Snuff Garrett. "Love Machine" was written by James A. Griffin and Michael Z. Gordon, both fair-sized names in L.A. pop; Gordon penned "Out of Limits", the Marketts hit which incorporated bits of Marius Constant's Twilight Zone theme, and Griffin is the chap who would later keep David Gates from turning Bread into something completely white and fluffy. "Love Machine" itself is a strange little bop, one of the few pop tunes I can recall with both vibes and wah-wah guitar; the vocalist sounds like Gary Puckett on Dexedrine. Whether this would be a Good Thing or not is left as an exercise for the student. "Love Machine" never quite got into the Hot 100, but it was a fair-sized hit in the Southeast, and reportedly made #2 in Miami. Last I heard, Ward was living in Santa Barbara. Somehow, this song, in a recording by a studio group under the name "Pastoral Symphony," wound up being a medium-sized hit in Australia at about the same time.

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Where can I get this on CD?
I've never seen this on CD, unless I burned it myself to CD-R off one of my two copies of the 45.

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