Title blurbCarolyne Mas rocked as hard as anyone as the Seventies faded into the Eighties, and while she's not exactly a household word these days, she produced and continues to produce a body of work that deserves your attention.

On stage So why is this here? Partly because I thought she deserved some sort of retrospective this was, at the time of its creation back in '96, the only Carolyne Mas page on the Web, a situation I found both unbelievable and intolerable but mostly because those records she made had something to say to me when they were released, and today they continue to strike a chord I think needs to be struck from time to time.

In 2008, Carolyne Mas finally retired from music. From her Web site:

I have made the decision to quit playing music, I never play anymore anyway, and devote my life to animal rescue, and to my family. We are at this moment seeking non-profit status for our ever-growing sanctuary...at last. Additionally, some of you may already know that I have been caring for my Aunt for some time now. Well, I am also caring for my Mom these days, and frankly I have no desire to be away from either of them at all anymore. This is where I am needed, and I feel that my life has real purpose when I can be of service to others who cannot help themselves.

I thank her for the music she made, and I wish her well in her new life.

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Thanks to Marc Wielage, Hans-Jürgen Buck, and Jeff Lindsey for discographical assistance, and to Brad DeMeulenaere for coming up with source material and breaking news.

And very special thanks to Carolyne Mas herself, who graciously took the time to set your author straight on all manner of matters.

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