The Gants

Liberty 55829, 1965
Billboard: #46

Greenwood, Mississippi, the home of Robert Johnson, might be a logical place to be from if you're going to work the Bo Diddley beat. The Gants, however, weren't exactly Delta bluesmen they were frat boys from Mississippi State, white as the shirts which gave the band its name. But leader Sid Herring, steeped in the ways of the Delta, knows what Bo knows, and "Road Runner", cut in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, was at least as fierce as Bo's original, fitting in nicely among the Britpop R&B covers of the period. The band put out three albums, including some Sid Herring originals, but the Gants remain best-known for "Road Runner" and "Crackin' Up", another Bo remake that proved these guys definitely knew Diddley.

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Where can I get this on CD?
Sundazed is offering a 20-track compilation, sensibly titled Road Runner! The Best of the Gants (SC 11078), which, for the LP completists among us, recycles the artwork from the second Gants LP (Gants Galore). And the Gants now have a Web site at; what's more, they're featured in the 2001 Music Issue of The Oxford American, which ships with a CD.

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