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Stepping Stone / Love Machine: Crosstown to Oblivion

By Walter Mosley

Stepping Stone / Love Machine: Crosstown to Oblivion

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Started reading:
10 September 2013
Finished reading:
21 September 2013


The third pair of novellas from Mosley’s Crosstown to Oblivion series deals with Mankind On The Verge: something is happening, but we don’t necessarily know what it is. In “Stepping Stone,” a man in the autumn of his years, after a series of visions including a mysterious woman who can apparently follow him anywhere, begins to wonder if he’s losing his mind, or something even worse. The “Love Machine” is a gizmo that can merge people’s thoughts and memories, and its inventor envisions a sort of worldwide hive mind which will then create a utopia. Plenty of food for thought here, but it’s easy to see the wheels turning in the background, and while “Stepping Stone” does have something of an unexpected conclusion, “Love Machine” pretty much peters out at the end. Still, Mosley’s imagery is compelling, and the characters do invite, if not exactly demand, your interest.