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The Glass Slipper: Women and Love Stories

By Susan Ostrov Weisser

The Glass Slipper: Women and Love Stories

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Started reading:
23 August 2014
Finished reading:
31 August 2014


I picked this up thinking it could have been a tedious harangue against the persistence of Victorian-era thinking in our post-modern age. Instead, what Susan Ostrov Weisser has given us is a sprightly, genuinely cheerful, yet perfectly serious, analysis of What Women Want and how it’s changed — and hasn’t changed — since Jane Austen told us about certain truths “universally acknowledged.” Austen, for one, has been eclipsed, not in popularity but in influence, by Charlotte Brontë contemporary romance is far closer to the wild and woolly Jane Eyre than to the staunchly upright Pride and Prejudice. Perhaps the most interesting chapter deals with the differences between standard-issue Harlequin romances and the company’s African-American line: just enough to acknowledge a cultural difference, not enough to upset the standard male/female applecart. Cinderella’s glass slipper, ultimately, proves to be as durable as the corporate glass ceiling,