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Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: My Life

By Sophia Loren

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: My Life

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Started reading:
21 March 2015
Finished reading:
28 March 2015


“I see a dark wooden box at the back of the shelf. My heart skips a beat. It takes me by surprise, but I recognize it right away. In an instant, I pull it down and open it. Before my eyes are letters, telegrams, notes, photographs. That’s what was pulling me here; this is the thread that guided my footsteps on this cold winter night. The wooden box holds my treasure trove of memories. I’m tempted to leave it as it is. Too much time has passed, too many emotions, But then I muster the courage to pick it up, and I slowly carry it back to the bedroom.”

Her legendary generosity still intact, Sophia Loren has decided to share those memories with the rest of the world. She writes simply and humbly; she has never thought of herself as anyone but a poor Italian girl who worked hard to make good. And in lieu of the usual collection of stale photos in the middle, you get a look at some of the items from that very wooden box, and you understand why they mattered to her. All autobiographies should be so gracious and inclusive.