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More Curious

By Sean Wilsey

More Curious

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Started reading:
6 September 2014
Finished reading:
13 September 2014


One of the least-predictable essay collections I can recall, More Curious, which deserves extra credit for not having a semicolon followed by a subtitle, pulls off the rare feat of covering an astonishing range of topics without ever once sounding haphazard or disjointed. There are articles on skateboarding (once good street fun, now an escalating series of stunts), on the space program (where the hell did it go?), on 9/11, and on the Center of the Known Universe, Marfa, Texas, a place Sean Wilsey visited and now calls home. If the tone occasionally comes across as McSweeneyesque — well, McSweeney’s published it. Me, I’d like to hang with this guy for a couple of weeks. From an essayist, more than that I cannot ask.