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The Look of Love: A Novel

By Sarah Jio

The Look of Love: A Novel

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Started reading:
31 January 2015
Finished reading:
2 February 2015


Love, they say (for certain values of “they”), is where you find it. Jane Williams finds it in unexpected places, in an unexpected manner: something mysterious takes place in her limbic system, and she can actually somehow see it. The day she turns twenty-nine, she receives a greeting, an instruction and a warning, all rolled into a single communication: she has this gift, she is told, to enable her to identify six different types of love, which she must complete before the first full moon after her thirtieth birthday — or the consequences will be dire. Her neurologist, meanwhile, predicts a different set of dire consequences if she doesn’t have an operation on her temporal lobe, which may kill her “seeing” ability. It’s a complicated setup, and rather a lot of relationships crumble, including Jane’s own, as it unwinds. But you dismiss it as mere “chick-lit” at your peril; if it winds up tugging at your heartstrings, it may simply be that they vibrate at the same frequency as mine. (Yet you never call, you never write…)