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In the Shadows of a Fallen Wall

By Sanford Tweedie

In the Shadows of a Fallen Wall

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Started reading:
18 August 2013
Finished reading:
25 August 2013


When the Berlin Wall — actually two walls, one through the middle of the divided capital, one surrounding the entire German Democratic Republic — came down, there remained a virtual wall, die Mauer im Kopf, the wall in one’s head. It was Sanford Tweedie’s idea, supported by Fulbright money, to immerse himself and his family for a year in the middle of what used to be East Germany, to see if that wall would affect his head. There are the requisite bits about the Stasi and Trabants, but for the most part, what Tweedie has given us is an occasionally random series of musings about cultural shock, sometimes that of the East Germans, sometimes his own. If you’ve been curious about the other side of Checkpoint Charlie, this is a good introduction without a whole lot of political kerfuffle.