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The Mammoth Book of Weird Records

By Jim Theobald

The Mammoth Book of Weird Records

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Started reading:
19 September 2015
Finished reading:
27 September 2015


Exactly as advertised, this is a mammoth (549 pages) book of Weird Records, some sanctioned by Guinness, some Guinness wouldn’t touch with the world’s longest pole, but all of which are at least reasonably well documented and all of which qualify, to greater or lesser extent, as “weird.” (I loved this: there is a record for “Longest paper-clip chain by an individual,” followed immediately by “Longest paper-clip chain by an individual in twenty-four hours.” The winner, a math teacher in Sacramento, assembled a chain over a mile long.) The only downside: after a while, you don’t notice the descriptions anymore, only the actual headings.