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Society’s Child: My Autobiography

By Janis Ian

Society’s Child: My Autobiography

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Started reading:
27 October 2012
Finished reading:
3 November 2012


It was perhaps inevitable that Janis Ian’s autobiography would be named for her first hit record, but what’s most striking about Society’s Child, the book, is that it’s as direct and to the point as “Society’s Child,” the single. Ian doesn’t do sugarcoating, and if the tone here is occasionally bleak, it’s because something horrible is being described, and in half a century of words and music rather a lot of “something horrible” happened to her. If she hasn’t exactly prospered in the purely mercenary sense, she’s built up a substantial store of goodwill over the years, and the integrity of the young idealistic Ian has remained intact all the while. And besides, they weren’t about to call this “At Seventeen.”