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Call Me Debbie: True Confessions of a Down-to-Earth Diva

By Deborah Voigt

Call Me Debbie: True Confessions of a Down-to-Earth Diva

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Started reading:
11 April 2015
Finished reading:
18 April 2015


A title like Call Me Debbie tends to push my “Oh, gawd, more of that bogus jes’ folks stuff the politicians use.” Debbie Joy Voigt — that “Deborah” stuff came later, to make her look like more of a Serious Artiste — is at heart a girl from the small-town Midwest, and while she’s earned her place as one of the great dramatic sopranos, this memoir tells you that she’s struggled with the same demons that afflict the rest of us: an addictive personality in the worst way, she managed to get her eating under control and her weight back under 150 kg, only to fall prey to the charms of routine intoxicants. But there’s very little “Oh, poor me” stuff here: she owns her difficulties, and by the time it’s over you figure she’s on the way back, but not quite there yet. More than that, perhaps, we ought not to ask, even from the performers we revere.