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Mochi’s War: The Tragedy of Sand Creek

By Chris Enss, Howard Kazanjian

Mochi’s War: The Tragedy of Sand Creek

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Started reading:
12 September 2015
Finished reading:
19 September 2015


The 1864 massacre of Cheyenne and Arapaho at Sand Creek, Colorado Territory, ranks high among atrocities committed by the United States against Natives; Colonel John Chivington, leader of the government forces, said flatly that he was out to “kill Indians,” and he meant it. Mochi, wife to Chief Medicine Water, was present at the camp, and she wasn’t particularly warlike by nature — until one of Chivington’s troops burst into their home and shot her mother. From that point on, Mochi was a warrior; she fought alongside Medicine Water for over a decade, until they were captured and imprisoned in Florida. The story is well known, but it’s seldom been told this well; the authors are name-brand Hollywood creatives with a knack for telling what needs to be told.