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The Gold Standard: Rules to Rule By

By Ari Gold

The Gold Standard: Rules to Rule By

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Started reading:
27 September 2015
Finished reading:
3 October 2015


The peculiar genius of The Gold Standard is that while it’s quite clearly based on the HBO series Entourage, and that HBO itself is listed as the copyright owner, and that nowhere in the book (except on the page of photo credits) is there any reference to the series, none of that matters to the reader: the fictional Ari Gold is utterly plausible in the context of Hollywood agents, and the events in his life, one can reasonably assume, may well have happened to someone else. If you were a fan of Entourage you’ve probably already read this; if you never even heard of Entourage it’s still worth your time for the high snark-to-page ratio.