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By Ali Smith


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Started reading:
6 April 2013
Finished reading:
13 April 2013


“We’d never expect to understand a piece of music on one listen, but we tend to believe we’ve read a book after reading it just once.” On the basis of that argument, I contend that I have not yet read this book: there’s so much on offer here that I can’t possibly encapsulate it here. The story is set among, and sometimes actually in, the notes of a recently deceased lecturer on comparative literature. She is not forgotten by any means; in fact, she’s been haunting her lover, who has been thumbing through these notes, perhaps looking for a reason why, in between sessions of re-reading Oliver Twist. I am grateful that this was presented in the form of a book: were it an electronic document, with links to the multitude of literary references, my own tendency to wander off on various tangents would likely insure that I never made it to the point of “reading it just once.”