The Annoy Christopher Hanson Campaign

The exposition:

It began with a Baltimore Sun op-ed by Christopher Hanson [registration required; we recommend BugMeNot] which complained about bloggers in general and one blogger in particular:

Case in point: "The Dawn Patrol," Manhattanite Dawn Eden's preening report on Dawn Eden, iconoclastic neoconservative "petite powerhouse," illustrated with Dawn Eden glamour photos.

I yield to Dr Hanson's expertise on "preening," inasmuch as he is a Major Media Guy who is expected to do such as a matter of course, but otherwise this is so much ad hominem (ad feminam?) blather: what Dawn Eden looks like has no bearing on the quality of her reportage.

Just the same, I'm inclined to think a little glamour is good for us, even among those of us who would like to think of ourselves as iconoclasts, and bloggers of a similar bent who would like to engage in some modest mockery of Dr Hanson's mindset are invited to send their own "glamour photos" for inclusion herein.

The rules:

  • Post a suitable photo (nothing risqué please) as an entry on your blog and link it to this page.
  • Email the link to the pertinent post to .
  • I will produce a thumbnail version for inclusion on this page, which will link back to your original post.

Time and tides being what they are, it may be 24 to 48 hours before I get to your entry.

For the convenience of linkers, my original blog post on the subject is here.

The response:

Dr Hanson responds via email:

I am trying to be annoyed but am actually flattered by the attention.

The participants:

Chez JoelJoel / Chez Joel

J RobJ Rob / J Rob's House of Opinions

Vita MeaDennis / Vita Mea

Andrea HarrisAndrea Harris / Victory Soap

JanjanJanjan / With Issue

FûzFusilier Pundit / WeckUpToThees!

Julie NeidlingerJulie R. Neidlinger / Lone Prairie Art Works

Dawn EdenDawn Eden / The Dawn Patrol

Kevin WalshKevin Walsh / Forgotten NY

Mike HermesMike H. / Okiedoke

RebeccaRebecca / Doxology

MoiCGHill /

The PropThe Proprietor / coffeegrounds

WendeWende /

Saint KansasSaint Kansas /

Michael BatesMichael Bates / BatesLine

Kevin McGeheeKevin McGehee / Yippie-Ki-Yay!

Chris MedlockChris Medlock / Medblogged

k_srak_sra / You Learn Something New (almost) Every Day

Kevin MillerKevin Miller / Heart, Mind and Strength

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