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16 November 2007

The small honors are the best

So I dialed over to Boondoggled, and these were waiting for me:

1st Class Friendship Colors of Friendship

I will pass the awards on to the famous Dustbury (a/k/a Charles Hill), with whom I had the pleasure of sharing an evening of rainy weather and Mexican food. I enjoy his blog very much, although it does tend to make me homesick for Oklahoma City on occasion.

We need to hang on to our good friends, no matter how far away they are.

Indeed. Which is why I'm passing this on to someone who has been far more prominent in my real life than online: Tim of Tim's Cave, whom I've known for twenty-odd years, some odder than others, who's bailed me out of a scrape or three now and again, and who gets the blame for introducing me to the modem back in the 1980s. As he is wont to say: "Life is good if you read the instruction manual." The man always was particular about documentation.

Thank you, Tim. And thank you, Deb. (And thank you all for reading this.)

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Charles, thank you for the honor of this post and the enjoyment I've experienced in knowing you these "twenty-odd" years. We should do lunch or something [grin].

Posted by: Tim at 11:13 PM on 16 November 2007

Real men don't read user's manuals.

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 3:33 PM on 17 November 2007