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24 November 2006

1892 and all that

File this under Historical Inevitability: you can now get the B. C. Clark jingle on iTunes.

What's more, Oklahoma's Oldest Jeweler is presenting a collection of versions from the last thirty-odd years, including the original unexpurgated version. (Old Clarkies will remember that there used to be one extra line in the song, snipped when 30-second spots became the rule rather than the exception.)

The original jingle dates back to 1956, which means it's been around longer than "Jingle Bell Rock" ('57), the Chipmunk Song ('58) or "The Little Drummer Boy" ('58, though its Czech ancestor dates back to WWII).

Mercifully, no one recorded this version for posterity.

Posted at 10:25 AM to Fileophile , Soonerland

About ten years ago I was one of those strange ducks who actually purchased the BC Clark jingle on CD. I listened to it once or twice and then sent it on to a sister who has been out of the Oklahoma pocket for at least twice that amount of time. She was not sure what to think about the gift and gave me an insincere thanks. Personally, it never seems quite like the holiday season without hearing it at least once or twice.

Posted by: belhoste at 12:12 PM on 24 November 2006