The Chaz Awards 2006

The Chaz Awards are given annually to those people, places, events and ideas that motivated me sufficiently to start writing down stuff like this.

Most blatantly-shameless advertising tagline:
A print ad for the revived and now strictly-legal Napster: "We'd give you the 1.5 million songs for free, but we all know what happened last time."
Most vitriolic blog thread:
Bill Quick raises some Pajamas Media-related questions, and the roof falls in.
Worst political move:
Michael Schiavo sets up a PAC to defeat politicians who tried to stop his effort to have his wife starved to death.
Best political move:
Boog Highberger, mayor of Lawrence, Kansas, proclaims International Dada Month.
Best TV event:
The National Basketball Association starts talking about Fight Club.
Best justification of a sport:
Stock-car driver Morgan Shepherd explains why the NBA dustup, supra, could never happen in his sport: "An NBA-style fracas could never happen in NASCAR, because our fans would never let go of a beer for any reason."
Top-rated collector's item of 2005:
Kohler's Purist® Hatbox™ toilet, which is almost too pretty to sit on.
Most elusive Christmas present:
An RSS-enabled toilet-paper dispenser.
Strangest photo of 2005:

One-time good Catholic girl and current New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd tries to appear semi-slutty.
Least-popular name for baby girls, 2006:
I'd bet on Katrina.
Most-welcome sign of sanity on Usenet:
America Online discontinues its NNTP servers; though AOL will provide access to third-party newsgroup providers, few AOL subscribers are expected to (be able to) do so.

Posted 24 December 2005

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