The Chaz Awards 2008

The Chaz Awards are given annually to those people, places, events and ideas that motivated me sufficiently to start writing down stuff like this.

Most blatantly-shameless advertising shtick:
Burger King's Flame, a fragrance with just a hint of, um, beefiness.
Best political snark:
Mark Steyn, responding to Canada's dubious "Journalism Doctor" John Miller: "I don't really think of you as 'Professor Waggy-Finger'. I think of you more as a what's the word? 'dickhead'. But then I remembered 'the responsibility of the writer' to 'promote understanding', and thought I ought to fluff it up into something more arch and literary. Not too literary not Bertie-Wooster-describing-Sir-Roderick-Spode literary, but something just a smidgeonette shy of a four-letter epithet seemed to be what the situation called for."
Best political move:
President-elect Obama picks Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State, which will keep her out of the way for the next four years.
Worst political move:
President-elect Obama picks Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State, which will keep her on or near the front page of the newspaper for the next four years.
Best TV event:
Several stations conducted digital tests prior to the February 2009 analog-TV shutdown.
Best automotive remark:
Argus Hamilton: "President Bush urged Congress to pass offshore drilling. With the vast majority of the nation behind him, we aren't about to change our lifestyles. The day before, Detroit introduced a 600-horsepower Corvette which runs on ground-up Priuses."
Worst automotive remark:
John Phillips of Car and Driver, suggesting ways to save on your gasoline bill: "Distill your own fuel from something less expensive than crude oil, such as methamphetamine."
Top-rated collector's item of 2008:
The Gore/Obama bumper sticker.
Most elusive Christmas present:
Good luck finding the Star Wars® Ultimate Lightsaber. Close behind: Woot's Christmas Bag O' Crap.
Strangest photo of 2008:
Clearly Syracuse center Arinze Onuaku has a head for basketball, or something like that. (Click here for a larger version.)Arinze Onuaku
Best album title of the year:
"@#%&*! Smilers" by Aimee Mann.
Least-expected blog development:
Somebody comes up with a blog award which charges an entry fee for consideration.
Most-welcome sign of sanity on Usenet:
Volume is so high these days, albeit mostly due to smut and binaries, that it's almost impossible to propagate new groups.

Posted 25 December 2008

This is the final edition of the Chaz Awards, owing to a lack of good Usenet jokes. Thanks for playing.

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