18 September 2002
From the Really Dead Tree Department

News Item: Rosie O'Donnell is ending her publishing deal with Gruner + Jahr USA. Matthew Rose says G+J CEO Daniel Brewster told Rosie mag staffers that O'Donnell is effectively shutting down the magazine, but the company will consider other publishing options using the existing infrastructure.

Top Ten Rejected Titles For The Magazine To Replace Rosie:

10.  R: The Ricki Magazine
  9.  Shopping with Winona
  8.  We're Not Redbook, Dammit
  7.  Sharon Osbourne's Family Circle
  6.  Sewing Patterns Again!
  5.  Up Yours And Other Helpful Tips
  4.  Lifetime Original Movie Digest
  3.  As Seen On QVC
  2.  NASCAR Girl!
  1.  Ellen

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16 December 2002
U can't watch this

My cable company, and probably also yours, is doing the hard-sell on the Digital Cable package, which doesn't actually carry digital television but which does contain about 400 channels, some of which you wouldn't watch if they put a gun to your head.


Top Ten Least Popular Cable Channels

  10. VH3
    9. Assyrian Movie Classics
    8. ESPN for Dwarves
    7. Tragedy Central
    5. Traffic Court TV
    4. Vegetable Planet
    3. Narc at Nite
    2. The Yahtzee Channel
    1. SCM (Sandler Classic Movies)

Nothing essential here, I should think.

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22 March 2003
More things Blix missed

If it's seemed to you, as it has to me, that Baghdad isn't putting up much of a fight, well, their arsenal has been, um, rather inaccurately inventoried of late. To correct this error: from the Home Office, hurriedly being relocated to Mozambique even as we speak, Play One on TV presents the Top Ten Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction.

(Cripes, even I have one of these.)

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31 May 2003
More than faintly musty

Here's another text file from the catacombs deep beneath drive D:, dated 30 August 1990. I have no idea where it came from (and if you know proper attribution, please advise). If you write humor, here are ten questions you should be asking yourself:

1. Will my writing make people laugh?

2. Will my writing make people see life differently?

3. Will my writing make the world a safer place for sheep?

4. In case my writing doesn't sell, have I used paper that will double as a coffee filter?

5. If people don't get my jokes, are people stupid or do they simply have no sense of humor?

6. When a 1" melon ball appears anonymously in my mailbox with a note that says "THUMB INDEX," does it mean I've somehow offended the spirit of Dan Blocker?

7. If I'm religious and I swat thirty mosquitoes on a white wall and connect the dots, should I move to the state that the drawing most resembles?

8. If many people's problems are the result of faulty toilet training, shouldn't someone get out there and fix all those faulty toilets?

9. If ladies lead when couples dance backwards, then who wears the pants in a nudist family?

10. If David Letterman were a nice guy, would he be selling shoes at Sears?

11. Oops, I said 10 things. Oh well. Writers always ask themselves more questions than normal people, because they have more answers.

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29 June 2003
Somehow I'm not surprised

At the suggestion of DavidMSC, I betook myself to BlogMatcher, a Googlesque-looking page that purports to find "other blogs that appear to discuss similar topics." Okay, fair enough. They found 1081 (!) blogs that met their criteria, so the least I could do is look at the Top Ten, and wouldn't you know it, my Top Ten includes nine blogs:


10. VodkaPundit
  9. Quit That!
  8. DailyPundit
  7. Quidnunc
  6. cut on the bias
  5. cut on the bias (again!)
  4. How Appealing
  3. On the Third Hand
  2. No Watermelons Allowed
  1. Silflay Hraka

The duplication, of course, occurs because of minor differences in the URL. And who would have thought I'd draw two blogs starting with Q?

Two obvious observations:

  • I seem to be in pretty good company here;
  • I really should try to be nicer to Susanna Cornett.

(Dave? You were #13.)

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8 August 2003
Fragrante delicto

Matt Deatherage's Top Ten Bath & Body Works Rejected Scents:

10. Cape Cod Cod
  9. Kale Rub
  8. Sparkling Ex-Lax
  7. Vermicious Vanilla
  6. Aromathuggery
  5. Natural Gas
  4. Fresh Prairie Grasshopper
  3. Creamy Placenta
  2. Mountain Compost
  1. Forest Whitaker

Uh, thanks, Matt.

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1 May 2004
Did I hear someone say "quagmire"?

Iraq, it goes without saying, is not Vietnam.

Of course, things that go without saying usually end up said anyway, so:

Iraq is not Vietnam.

Note-It Posts, to amplify this point, offers the Top Ten Ways You Can Tell Iraq Is Not Vietnam. A sampling thereof:

10. In all the radio traffic that Fox News has broadcast coming from Iraq, we haven't heard the phrase "Charlie" used a single time.

  3. 2004: Smallpox vaccines. 1965: Penicillin shots.

  2. John Kerry got two paper cuts and a stubbed toe last week, and hasn't received a single Purple Heart for his pain and anguish.

Seven more where these came from.

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4 August 2004
Revenge of the Parental Unit

I mean, really: Top Ten Things You May Not Know About Dawn Eden, by Dawn Eden's mom.

The next fifty or sixty are probably just as fascinating, but I can wait. And anyway, it's not like nothing unusual has ever shown up on The Dawn Patrol; my actual phone number turned up there once, though this was my fault and it's not like Dawn ever calls anyway.

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18 September 2004
The last few bars

Lynn S. says that these are the greatest symphonic endings of all time:

Dvorak's Stabat Mater
Beethoven's 5th Symphony
Dvorak's 9th Symphony
Rossini's William Tell Overture
Mussorgsky's Night on Bald Mountain (the Rimsky-Korsakov orchestration)

An impressive set. I might suggest the following for #6 and below:

  • Prokofiev's Piano Concerto No. 3 (always makes me hyperventilate)

  • Ravel's Boléro (yeah, I know, we're glad it's over)

  • Haydn's Symphony No. 60 (the fake ending after the fourth movement; there are two movements to come)

  • Holst's The Planets (pick either the end of "Mars," which is thunderous and scary, or the end of "Neptune", which is ethereal and almost as scary)

Hmmm. Wonder if next we should try beginnings?

(Update, 8:20 pm: Greg Hlatky offers his Top Ten, which duplicates none of the above.)

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13 December 2004
"Slapout" was taken

Top Ten possible new names for the city of Lawton:

  10.  Arridextra
    9.  Spentshell
    8.  Cache Heights
    7.  Offlimits
    6.  Faxon Farms
    5.  Sillville
    4.  Cooler Than Altus
    3.  Wichita Springs
    2.  Dustbunny
    1.  Lawlesston

(Tip of the sombrero to Mike H.)

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7 January 2005
Forever and ever, amen

Eternity is a concept I find particularly troubling, if only because it seems to go on for so long. And while death is a scary prospect, one I'm not exactly anticipating with glee, I really don't think I want to live forever either, and I can give you lots of reasons. The top 10 follow:

10.  Could single-handedly bankrupt Social Security

  9.  Methuselah, by age 969, had to endure over fifty thousand Mondays

  8.  Not looking forward to CSI: Bakersfield

  7.  Just imagine a metric ton of Metamucil

  6.  Might want to vote in King County, Washington some day

  5.  The oldies stations will have quit playing the Beatles

  4.  Things have just gone to hell since Lindsay Lohan retired as Chief Justice

  3.  We finally get flying cars and I'm too old to drive

  2.  New Reform Democrats bitching about the 2288 election

  1.  Deleting ten-trillionth comment spam

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25 May 2005
It's a beautiful day in the Naboo 'hood

Under the general heading of Love Stories I've Heard Entirely Too Much Of These Days, you'll find the Anakin Skywalker/Padmé Amidala romance, which is of course doomed, and the Kenny Chesney/Renée Zellweger match, which isn't. Yet.

It takes Fametracker, though, to fuse these into a single concept: The Billboard Country Music Top Ten If Kenny Chesney Were Anakin Skywalker and Renée Zellweger Were Padmé Amidala.

Grateful they didn't mention Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, I am.

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14 June 2005
For your consideration

The eleventh item on the Oklahoma Gazette's "The Best of OKC" ballot is "Best blog," a category they didn't even have [link requires Adobe Reader] last year.

Now I've read the Gazette long enough to know that they pull in some extra ads during the issues the ballots are circulated, ads from firms and services hoping you'll remember their names when you complete your ballot, and, if you're really lucky, explaining why you should.

You won't find this sort of thing here, not because I'm a shoo-in, which I'm not, but because for every reason I could think of why you should vote for dustbury.com for Best Blog well, here are the Top Ten reasons why you shouldn't:

10.  Does anybody understand those damn category names?

  9.  Inadequate coverage of busty lesbian ninja pirates.

  8.  Gets enough free publicity already.

  7.  Lamest post title in the history of blogdom.

  6.  Has the temerity to invent forms of profanity instead of sticking to the tried and true.

  5.  Constantly whining.

  4.  Can't pronounce a simple name like "Xrlq".

  3.  Hardly an inimitable style.

  2.  Still hasn't gotten around to naming She Who Is Not To Be Named.

  1.  750,000 people can so be wrong.

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25 July 2005
Toad away

Top Ten new opportunities for ousted WB mascot Michigan J. Frog:

10.  A cinch to win on American Idol

  9.  Spokesamphibian for Nair®

  8.  Editing the newest Gawker Media blog

  7.  Ambassador to France (pending confirmation)

  6.  Kicking the asses of those damn Budweiser frogs

  5.  Could actually do Old Navy ads without having to wear the garb advertised

  4.  Mayor of San Diego

  3.  Summer replacement for N. Z. Bear

  2.  Kermit's special friend

  1.  Chairman, Democratic National Committee

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8 August 2005
And no virgin jokes, either

Top Ten signs that terrorists have infiltrated the blogosphere:

10.  SixApart provides MT 4 for free to all users.

  9.  Dave Winer starts prophesizing that Allah is the one true god, as opposed to himself.

  8.  Slashdot reports that the latest virus hidden in Blogger blogs actually causes computers to explode.

  7.  Andrew Sullivan outs himself as being straight.

  6.  Osamafanclub.blogspot.com tops the Top 100 at Technorati.

  5.  The BlogHer crowd start claiming that women should get out of the blogosphere and back to the kitchen.

  4.  Podcasts are hacked and substituted with morning prayers.

  3.  Jeff Jarvis reports that the latest London bombings are the work of "God's Children against the oppressors of the West."

  2.  BloggerCon becomes Allah Akhbar Con.

And the Number One sign terrorists have infiltrated the blogosphere:

  1.  Arabic comment spam.

(From BlogHerald by way of Fistful of Fortnights.)

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17 August 2005
ICE isn't so cool

Put an "In Case of Emergency" entry on your cell-phone? Don't bother. D. Bunny explains why:

  1. It's not the paramedics or the ER staff treating you that will contact your family; it's the cops or the hospital social workers / chaplain / admission staff. They will look in your wallet and/or medical records for an emergency contact. (As a paramedic, I'd love how I'd be doing CPR on someone, my partner and the fire crew scrambling, and the family member would say, "Call my uncle James and tell him to meet us at the hospital!" Um, no. Kinda busy now.)

  2. Looking in a wallet is much quicker and easier than trying to figure out the phone book on infinite models of cell phones.

  3. You need more than one emergency contact anyway.

  4. Your cell phone may not be with you, or may not survive the incident that rendered you unconscious or dead. Most people always carry a wallet, and a wallet doesn't need to be charged, and can survive a high-impact motor vehicle accident just fine.

  5. Important info (medical conditions, allergies) may not be easily obtained from a shocked and traumatized emergency contact, even if they are reachable. WRITE IT DOWN. Medical history, meds (including dosages), allergies. DATE it. Carry it with you in your wallet. (Medical professionals always look in your wallet FOR AN INSURANCE CARD! Ha ha, I slay me! But it's true.)

  6. If your cell phone IS with you, and survives whatever has tried to kill you, it's pretty easy for the cops or whoever to find your last name on your drivers license, then call all the people with the same last name in your cell's phone book. Don't have the same last name as your family? Then put an emergency contact card in your wallet, since (are you getting the message yet?) they will look in your wallet first!

Um, I don't have any last names in my cell's phone book.

Otherwise, this seems eminently sensible to me.

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15 September 2005
8 simple rules for being President

From "Mother Sally" Allen at NewsOK.com:

Rule One: When a catastrophe story is real, do NOT wait for the DVD.

Rule Two: One reporter with a satellite truck is worth more than a thousand "photo ops."

Rule Three: Turning off the bad news does not turn off the bad news.

Rule Four: When everyone around you is right, something is wrong.

Rule Five: A career change from equestrian arts to federal emergency management is like trading one end of the horse for the other.

Rule Six: Natural disasters, terror attacks and divorces all produce the same result somebody's gonna lose a trailer.

Rule Seven: Trading Sammy Sosa is not the worst mistake you could ever make.

Rule Eight: In case of rapture, call the Coast Guard!

Fortunately for me, I will never have to deal with Rule Four.

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23 September 2005
You can't get here from there

Greg Hlatky's Houston evacuation routes:

  1. Yankees use I-45 North to Dallas
  2. Hispanics use I-10 West to San Antonio
  3. Cajuns use I-10 East to Lafayette
  4. Rednecks use US 59 to Deep East Texas
  5. Tea-sips use US 290 to Austin
  6. Aggies use I-610 Loop

Um, two lumps, please.

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9 October 2005
Oh, and bring your own chalk

Our man with the high explosives in Norman presumably violated the majority of these helpful rules for Philadelphia suicides:

1. Make sure you're dressed. Mom always said to wear clean underwear and a pair of pants wouldn't be a bad idea, either.

2. While you're at it, take a thorough shower. Even fresh corpses tend to give off an unpleasant odor.

3. Use the restroom beforehand. Otherwise, Mother Nature will do it for you usually at the exact moment the officer picks up your body.

4. Lie down, legs straight, and arms at your side. Body bags and stretchers don't accommodate people with legs akimbo. Rigor mortis is a helluva thing.

5. Try and be tidy. If you're going to use a gun to end it all especially via the melon wrap the back of your head in towels and blankets. Ever try to get blood out of shag carpet? It's a bear.

Other than suggesting that you take your shower before you get dressed, I wouldn't change a thing. Those of you inclined to off yourselves, please consider the impact of your act if not upon your immediate family, then certainly upon the investigating officers.

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24 October 2005
Equal time, so to speak

Last fall, ABC News put out a poll purporting to show "surprising new findings" about American sexual attitudes, including a sidebar to the effect that Republicans were more satisfied with their sex lives than Democrats. I responded with the top 10 reasons why.

This is not to say, of course, that Democrats take this sort of thing lying down, and last week at the Funniest Celebrity in Washington Contest, Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-CA) pointed out that "all the Republicans who hit on me are married and all the Democrats who hit on me are gay."

But she won't date a Republican anyway, and here are the top 10 reasons why:

10.  The only time they believe in fiscal restraint is when the dinner bill comes.

  9.   His idea of getting to second base is fondling my stock portfolio.

  8.  He thinks that Emily's List is a call girl service.

  7.  His idea of oral stimulation is getting me to recite the Contract with America.

  6.  He thinks that white pantyhose and pearls are sexy and you should see what he wants me to wear.

  5.  Because when Republicans say that they want to create opportunities for minorities, that means they want to date me and [her sister] Loretta.

  4.  Despite all the hype, I still can't find his weapon of mass destruction.

  3.  His pending prison term for political corruption is just another excuse for him to be emotionally unavailable.

  2.  Republicans are only interested in screwing the poor.

  1.  Because they make love like they make war: they lie to get in and don't have a plan for what to do once they get there.

(Disclosure: I'm not dating anyone. If this is a surprise to you, you must be new here.)

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Bag limits not specified

There are, reports Aldahlia in this field guide, four standard types of contemporary Nazis:

  1. The Suburban Asshole Fascist

  2. The Redneck Moron That's Full of "White Pride"

  3. The Angry White Skinhead/Neo-Nazi that Attended a Black High School

  4. The Guy that Just Got Out of the Fed

Mary-Kate and Ashley Himmler, apparently, are descended from Type 3.

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4 November 2005
Of course, he only asked for one

McGehee wants to know why anyone would read his blog.

The Top Ten reasons follow:

  1. Has steadfastly refused to post pictures of the Olsen twins unclad

  2. Posts more of an Atlanta Journal-Constitution article than ajc.com will let you read without giving them a two-page autobiography

  3. Doesn't write essays about the need for people to floss more regularly for good dental health

  4. A couple of my commenters think he's cool

  5. His site has made me about B$1.1 million on BlogShares

  6. Is way higher than I am in the Ecosystem, making it advisable for me to suck up

  7. Did I mention the Olsen twins?

  8. Is nearly as snarky in his posts as he is in his caption-contest entries

  9. Stands firmly for telling Fulton County, Georgia to put a sock in it

And the Number One reason I read McGehee's blog:

  1. It gives me one additional reason to want to buy him a beer

(Assuming, of course, he's allowed to have beer. You never know, these days.)

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24 November 2005
Bringing in the sleeves

Hmmm. Record-jacket art, eh? Okay, I'll play.

Dark Side of the MoonMost recognizable (by general public) album cover:
Probably Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon; after all, it did spend something like fifteen years on the charts, and I read somewhere that one out of every 20 persons under 50 in this country owns a copy. I'm no longer under 50, but I still have my LP (and, for traveling purposes, the CD). And the hair stands up on the back of my neck when those infernal clocks go off in "Time," even now.

It's a Beautiful DayPersonal favorite album cover:
I think perhaps It's a Beautiful Day: I never quite get tired of looking at it, and the LP itself still gets spun now and again to me, at least, it sounds better than the CD, even after thirty-seven years and the occasional click. (The original session tapes, I am told, are tucked away at Sony somewhere, and allegedly a lovely remastering job was done, but nothing ever came of it.)

Mauriat MagicSexiest album cover:
I had to think about this one for a moment, and when I did, I realized it had to be a gatefold. For those who don't recognize it, which should be most of you, this is Mauriat Magic by Paul Mauriat and His Orchestra; this is the album which followed Blooming Hits, whence came the lilting "Love Is Blue." Magic had one smallish single "Même si tu revenais," with the arbitrary English title "Love in Every Room" and a rather revealing (for 1968, anyway) Victor Skrebneski photo. Then again, it doesn't reveal that much.

Top Ten album covers of all time (personal favorites):
Besides the three above, in no particular order:

  • The Rolling Stones, Their Satanic Majesties Request (that weird lenticular thing)
  • The Mothers of Invention, Weasels Ripped My Flesh
  • Judy Collins, Wildflowers
  • The Beatles, The Beatles (a.k.a. The White Album)
  • The Who, Who's Next
  • Joni Mitchell, Ladies of the Canyon
  • Jethro Tull, Thick as a Brick (the fake newspaper)

And at any moment I'm sure I can think of ten or twenty others which deserve to be up here.

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22 December 2005
This is just so wrong

Then again, it's not like I've never poached anything from somebody else's comment section before.

The Top Ten Rejected Titles for Brokeback Mountain:

  1. Bone on the Range
  2. Mamas, Don't Let Your Boys Grow Up to Be Boys
  3. Two Sausages and a Side of Country Gravy
  4. The Yellow Pink Rosebud of Texas
  5. A Fistful of Manmeat
  6. The Fabulous Seven
  7. Hang 'em Low
  8. A Mullet for Sister Sarah
  9. Butch Cassidy and the Sundress Kid
  10. The Shootist

Thanks to Tom, Bart and Ace.

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8 January 2006
The world is treating me bad

A University of Chicago survey suggests that Americans are suffering greater misery: 91.5 percent of us suffered at least one "negative life event" during 2004, up 2.4 percent from a previous survey in 1991, and the average number of NLEs was a whopping 4.3, up from 3.8.

The NLEs are on a scale from 1 to 100: the worst is the death of a child, which scores 94.3. The least-miserable event reported in the article is feeling ill enough to seek medical treatment, which scores 51.6. This sounds rather high, and suggests that the scale can't possibly be linear how can two trips to the doctor (103.2) be worse than losing a child? but it does suggest that there is plenty of room on the scale for minor inconveniences. For example:

  • $300 gas bill: 18.5
  • Toilet runs all day: 7.7
  • Finding a beer can in your yard: 6.4
  • It's a light beer: 9.6
  • The phone rings at the office: 8.2
  • It's two minutes after opening: 12.3
  • It's two minutes before closing: 16.4
  • Your Congressman has been taking money from Jack Abramoff: 4.5
  • He's going to keep it because there was nothing wrong with it: 6.6
  • He's going to give it back and thereby expiate his guilt: 11.8
  • Your bandwidth bill goes up as your RSS feed is picked up by 1500 a day: 2.1
  • 1440 of them are spam blogs: 20.7
  • Your basketball team is displaced by a natural disaster: 11.5
  • They make twice as much money in their temporary home: 46.8
  • Your girlfriend wants to see one of those chick flicks: 9.7
  • It's Brokeback Mountain: 13.5
  • You dream about your ex: 3.8
  • You enjoyed it: 9.4
  • You discover someone has already done a better version of this: 10.6

(Original survey found via such small hands.)

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24 January 2006
Conventional weirdness

News item: CBS Corp. and Time Warner Inc.'s Warner Brothers television network said Tuesday that they will close their respective UPN and WB networks and jointly launch the CW network.

Top ten network names rejected before coming up with "the CW":

  1. WU
  2. VH2
  3. Way the hell out on channel 37
  4. SortaEthnicNet
  5. NotFox
  6. Mineral Planet
  7. WCWD (Who Cares, We're Digital)
  8. ReallyNotFox
  9. USB Network
  10. BFD

Check your local listings.

Addendum: Any similarity to this is almost certainly deliberate.

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5 February 2006

Not having anywhere nearly as much fame as James Frey, I figure I'm going to have to punch up some of the incidents in my inevitable upcoming memoir, and where punching up isn't enough, I'm just going to have to fabricate things.

Top Ten possible embellishments:

  1. Actually worked at 142nd and Treadmill
  2. Once really ticked off Chuck Norris
  3. Only wrote 100 blog posts; the next 5900 were thinly-disguised rewrites thereof
  4. Those four seasons I spent in the NFL
  5. One World Tour actually included the International Space Station, though figuring the mileage proved to be too difficult
  6. All the Vents were written as one humongous text file back in 1995; I just pull out 5k chunks as needed
  7. Sent a check to the guy who runs SiteMeter
  8. My shelf contains only two records, both by the 1910 Fruitgum Company
  9. That torrid affair with Dawn Eden Rene Russo Ann Coulter Maria from Sesame Street Maureen Dowd Aisha Tyler [oh, forget it, no one is gonna believe any of these]
  10. Originally it was "She Who Is Not To Be Clothed"

Of course, I'll have to delete this post when the book comes out.

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29 May 2006
"Baja Kansas" is out

Fake news item: "Responding to mounting public pressure that the name of the nation's 46th state is offensive to Native Americans, the Oklahoma Legislature has passed and Governor Brad Henry has signed into law legislation that will change the name of the state of Oklahoma effective November 16, 2007. The law, which was drafted by Oklahoma State Senator Polly K. Rekt (I-Bowlegs), calls for a blue-ribbon commission, selected by the Governor, to propose three new names for the state."

From my own Pabst Blue Ribbon commission, the Top Ten Unlikely New Names for the State Previously Known as Oklahoma:

  1. Bricktown Adjacent
  2. Nazareno
  3. Funnelland
  4. Shotkickers
  5. New New Mexico
  6. Istuchas
  7. [this space reserved for Rodgers and/or Hammerstein]
  8. Claynation
  9. Arrid Extra Dry
  10. Dustbury [under license]

New signage will go up about as soon as we finish cleaning up the rest stops on the Interstates.

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25 July 2006
A pink hotel, a boutique, and a swinging hot spot

News Item: Monopoly® money will be phased out in a new version of the game in a bid to keep up with the times. Instead players will use mock Visa debit cards to keep track of how much money they are winning or losing. An electronic machine is provided, which allows the banker to transfer money from players and record their earnings and payments.

Top Ten Other Unnecessary Enhancements to Monopoly®:

  1. "Free Parking" now costs $20
  2. St. Charles Place and St. James Place changed to "Charles Place" and "James Place" so as to avoid offending non-Christians
  3. Boardwalk must now be developed with actual boards
  4. Players forced to Go To Jail must pay for their meals
  5. Quadruple rent on Electric Company (California edition only)
  6. Short Line to be lengthened
  7. $200 for passing Go expires after ten turns unless renewed
  8. New "Section 8" Community Chest card cuts rent on Ventnor and Marvin Gardens to $8
  9. Banker gets three extra Get Out of Jail Free cards
  10. Luxury Tax replaced by Gas-Guzzler Tax

That sound you hear is the synchronized spinning of the Parker Brothers.

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25 August 2006
Reich this way

You have to figure that nobody opening a restaurant suddenly jumps up and shouts, "I've got it! Let's call it Hitler's Cross!" Not likely. Filed away with WD-30 and Preparation C and Nissan's original Infiniti Limited Edition were these rejected theme-restaurant ideas:

  1. Attila the Honeybaked Ham
  2. Ayatollah Khomestibles
  3. International House of Pancreas
  4. Goebbels and Bites
  5. Nero's Fiddlesticks
  6. Jack the Ripper in the Box
  7. T. G. I. Frightening's
  8. Genghis Khannoli
  9. The Yellowcake Factory
  10. Taco Tojo

Look for coupons in Wednesday's paper.

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