Pedal extremities

A reader complains to the Consumerist:

To further add to the Target madness, they have decided to stop selling Men’s shoes and sandals in size 13. The largest size carried in store now is size 12. After checking with team members, there were no pegs, nor DPCI (Target sku numbers) for anything in size 13. They are available online, but for a shipping fee of course. As a man with large feet, I feel discriminated against! Shall I call the ACLU?

You might as well call Fats Waller at this point.

As a man with larger feet — I wear a 14 — I feel for the guy, but being unable to fit into Target’s $29.98 specials really doesn’t break my heart. (Rule: Buy fewer but better shoes.)

Then there’s the band Size 14: “Gonna pick up some beer, stay at home, and stare at my Claire Danes poster.” Does this sound like a Target shopper to you?


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  1. fillyjonk »

    21 February 2010 · 2:41 pm

    Larger women who used to shop at The Gap or Old Navy will probably tell the Consumerist poster to get in the gotta-buy-it-online-now outrage line behind them….

    I dunno, these days I almost consider shipping costs to simply be the price of admission for not having to actually go out and shop. (Except, I’m afraid to buy shoes online, the whole fitting issue….)

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