Cindy C.

The second track on Prince’s infamous Black Album is, in fact, a song about Cindy Crawford:

Don’t all girls look the same?
They don’t? Oh, what a shame.

Inasmuch as this fact is at the heart of the raison d’être for Rule 5, and since Saturday is Cindy’s birthday — and since this isn’t the same picture I ran three weeks ago, here’s Cindy on the beach last summer (and here’s where I found the picture).

Cindy Crawford, 2009

Just incidentally, I am in receipt of the gas bill for last month, a period which featured three consecutive days with lows below 10° F. This had nothing to do with the choice of photographs. Really. Pinky swear.

Then again, Prince asks in the next track (“Dead On It”): “What does that have to do with the funk?” Let there be irrelevance, and let us glory in it. Happy birthday, Cindy C.




    20 February 2010 · 2:22 am

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  2. WyBlog »

    25 February 2010 · 1:51 pm

    Rule 5 Weekend, the looking on the bright side edition…

    Dustbury got his inspiration from The Artist Once Again Known as Prince…

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