Thinking the unthinkable

So what happens if both Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno decide that they’ve been screwed by NBC and will take their business elsewhere, thank you very much? Who will take the reins at America’s Late Night Leader? For NBC, it’s time to come up with some new shows, or at least some shows that can be sold as new. Suggestions:

  1. How I Met Your Brother
  2. Law & Order: Wichita
  3. So You Think You Can Run for President
  4. As long as it has cute vampires, who cares?
  5. The Sham-Wow Hour of Power
  6. Olympic Classics: Summer 1988
  7. How I Met Your Sister
  8. Tim Russert: Defining a Century
  9. The Best of Carson
  10. Armenian Idol

Check your local listings for your NBC station, if it hasn’t already defected to Fox.



  1. CGHill »

    14 January 2010 · 5:09 pm

    Speaking of unthinkable, it’s being suggested now that Leno will return to the old Tonight slot, and O’Brien will be departing.

    Who, besides perhaps David Letterman, benefits from all this?

  2. fillyjonk »

    14 January 2010 · 5:32 pm

    The “Sham-Wow Hour Of Power” sounds frighteningly like a hybrid between an infomercial and a televangelist program.

    then again…many televangelists are infomercials, of a sort.

  3. Lisa Paul »

    14 January 2010 · 6:11 pm

    I’ve suggested before that a sure-fire hit would marry today’s hottest entertainment trends: police procedurals and vampires. So Law & Order: The Undead Unit. But do the networks listen? Noooooooo.

  4. fillyjonk »

    14 January 2010 · 6:27 pm

    I once dreamed that I was an actress on a television show that was “Law and Order: Monster Killer Unit.” Part of the “hook” was that on each of the teams, there was a “reformed” monster. We took down the monsters who had chosen to stay bad.

    My monsterous partner was a werewolf that had (somehow) given up savaging people. (I forget the details of how the monsters “reformed” before they joined the force. I suppose some kind of a rehab center was involved.)

  5. fillyjonk »

    14 January 2010 · 6:28 pm

    Lisa: Maybe zombies would have greater appeal than vampires? Because it seems vampires mainly appeal to the teen-girl set right now, and I’m not sure they’re as hot of a marketing commodity.

    It could still easily be called “Undead Unit.”

  6. CGHill »

    14 January 2010 · 6:46 pm

    CSI: Purgatory? (Oh, wait, that’s CBS.)

  7. Incurable Insomniac »

    14 January 2010 · 7:29 pm

    I’m voting for The Best of Carson, unless you add Steve Allen into the mix. Otherwise, the Sham-Wow idea is good, unless you come up with one for the Slap-Chop.

  8. Jacqueline »

    14 January 2010 · 7:54 pm

    I would watch the Sham Wow Hour of Power.

  9. fillyjonk »

    14 January 2010 · 8:02 pm

    I first read “Slap-Chop” there as “Slap-Cop” and thought, “That’s a Law and Order they haven’t tried yet.”

  10. McGehee »

    14 January 2010 · 8:40 pm


    Zsa Zsa wants to see the script.

  11. Lisa Paul »

    14 January 2010 · 9:12 pm

    I think we’re reaching some sort of consensus here that Vince of “Sham Wow” fame, has a future as a late night host. Maybe with Zombies.

  12. unimpressed »

    15 January 2010 · 6:47 am

    Every time I see Vince, I’m reminded of _Invader Zim_. (Still no idea how to put the link in properly).

  13. unimpressed »

    15 January 2010 · 6:48 am

    Oddly enough, that worked.

  14. McGehee »

    15 January 2010 · 8:29 am

    The “something not quite right” about Vince is, he’s too tall to be the demented leprechaun his face looks like.

  15. fillyjonk »

    15 January 2010 · 8:57 am

    Actually, I’m wondering if he might really be the illegitimate son of Moe Syzlak.

  16. Fishersville Mike »

    17 January 2010 · 10:07 am

    Free money, jewels. Right, America?…

    Dustbury has some show ideas for NBC……

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