Meanwhile at McCain’s

Robert Stacy “Gonzo” McCain is working up a new WordPress-based site, which to me seems like a step backwards.

Not that I have any particular complaints about WordPress, which we’ve been using here now for over a year with little difficulty. But it seems to me that McCain, who specializes in high-value, low-cost reporting, really belongs on Blogger, which is to blogging what Walmart is to retail: you might claim to hate it yourself, but a lot of your friends like it just fine. (Or maybe you need new friends. Your mileage may vary.)

And, where the domain is currently residing, is not so enthusiastic a host for the bazillions of widgets and gadgets and such that McCain is wont to employ: they want you to use their themes, their whole themes, and nothing but their themes — or pay extra for the privilege. Perhaps he’s moving to a separate hosting account once he gets the hang of WP, which would make more sense.

On an unrelated matter, McCain notes that MSNBC has canceled Dr Nancy Snyderman’s daily program; basically, he says, Harry Reid and those who pull his strings don’t need her anymore. This is no great loss to me, since I never saw the program in the first place, but I must report that Dr Snyderman remains on my In Case I Ever Run Out Of Wallpaper Files list, mostly for reasons like this.



  1. smitty »

    25 December 2009 · 5:02 pm

    We’re looking at going to a hosted site, for the very shameless capitalistic reasons you cite.
    Stacy is brave enough to pursue a living from all this. In the story of the farm animals fixing breakfast for the farmer, he is the pig to my chicken.

  2. Old Grouch »

    26 December 2009 · 4:25 pm

    Well, at least maybe we’ll be able to comment at the new site. Blogger really put their foot in it when they introduced inline comments… several code re-dos coupled with cries of “tell ’em to rebuild their template” and “clear your cache” and “enable third-party cookies” and “try entering it twice.” Bah.

  3. CGHill »

    26 December 2009 · 4:37 pm

    It’s hard to screw up the WordPress commenting system, though I did it once myself, which demonstrates, I suppose, that if you design something to be foolproof, you’re underestimating the sheer ingenuity of fools.

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