Citrus happens

Not everyone loves orange as a fashion color. From a thread on this very site:

Duyen Ky: “Orange should be reserved for road-hazard cones by federal law.”

Lisa Paul: One fashionista once observed that orange is a hard color to wear: “In general, if you look good in orange, you’ll look even better in another color.”

There are, admittedly, few really stirring examples of going orange — although I confess I am slightly shaken by this one:

Alyssa Milano on the Tonight Show

From not quite a year ago, Alyssa Milano, who turns 37 this weekend.

Bonus orange content: An actual rhyme, sort of, by Tom Lehrer:

Eating an orange
While making love
Makes for bizarre enj-
oyment thereof.

Your inflection may vary. See linguist for details.



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