Strange search-engine queries (200)

I thought about going back through the archives and renumbering all of these, but it just didn’t seem like the scientific thing to do, you know?

“lying sack of shit” lss:  Demonstrating the value of the three-letter acronym (TLA).

hallmark fart coin dish-i want my senior citizen discount right friggen now:  Put a sock in it, you LSS.

worst keyboard:  Does it work? Was it paid for by George Soros? Then it’s the worst.

colonel bogey march steel guitar youtube:  So you’re saying that Hitler has only got one string?

enemas suppositories toilet training:  And you thought your parents were harsh.

women driving nude:  Best argument yet for convertibles.

he’s just a man:  Which perhaps explains his interest in women driving nude.

big wetness productions:  For instance, Titanic.

are asian guys datable?  I suppose so, though you can’t very well cut them open and count the rings.

“comic shop” grimy:  I saw one once that was immaculately clean and sensibly organized. It closed within a month.

“paid not to work” AND “accountants”:  Figure out how to extend this to lawyers, and you’ve got a deal.

“prostate exam” “new jersey turnpike”:  [Insert "Exit 2" joke here.]

i knew you was going to say that:  Hey, I’ve done this two hundred times. You should wonder when it’s not predictable.

Obligatory Rule 34 item: kate snow’s blouse, good morning america.

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