Because you need more fiber

Wisdom from Doc Searls, which I’m filing away for future reference:

When we went looking for an apartment here a couple years ago, we had two primary considerations in addition to the usual ones: walking distance from a Red Line subway stop, and fiber-based Internet access. The latter is easy to spot if you know what to look for, starting with too many wires on the poles. After that you look for large loops among the wires. That means the wiring contains glass, which breaks if the loops are too small.

“Here,” I’m assuming — since it’s the Red Line — means Cambridge, Massachusetts.

We have a fiber connection between the two halves of 42nd and Treadmill, and sure enough, there’s a large loop. I had always assumed it was just a strain-relief technique. Shows you how much I know.

And if Doc comes on here and explains that no, you pinhead, it’s the other end of the Red Line, we live in Quincy — well, so does that.


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