Probably not machine-washable, either

Marriage-Hunting Bra by Triumph

What you have here is the Marriage-Hunting Bra, a concept by Japanese lingerie maker Triumph International that — well, let someone else try to explain it:

In addition to the easy-to-read LED display that shows the number of days until the wearer’s ideal wedding date, the white lace bra — which has the look and feel of a wedding dress — features a ring holder and convenient pockets for a pen and official stamp seal, which will be needed when filling out the marriage license application.

Which leaves one horrifying question:

What’s next, panties with a biological clock, complete with a countdown for ovulation?

You’d have to find a place to indicate the wearer’s blood type, wouldn’t you?



  1. Tatyana »

    18 May 2009 · 10:23 pm

    That gives me an idea for a post. Maybe I’ll even write it, tomorrow.

  2. The Other McCain »

    24 May 2009 · 10:04 am

    Rule 5 Sunday…

    Dustbury featured some Japanese Marriage-Hunting Bra, vaguely disturbing, as so many things Japanese. It may be that technology does not in fact enhance everything….

  3. Dan Oblak »

    1 June 2009 · 4:34 pm

    Sorry, reminds me too much of a bomber vest. I think a rip-cord (a la parachute technology) would be more appropriate. My wife’s wedding dress had what seemed like hundreds of buttons going down the back — I tried to get the dressmaker to install one; but my then-fiance got wind of it.

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