We are now properly Harmonized

Angie HarmonInasmuch as the secret to stimulating heavy discussion on these here Intertubes, as divulged here just this week, is “babes, babes and more babes,” it would seem to be incumbent upon me to crank up the level of babeliciousness around here. With that in mind, and having just read this piece by Cynthia Yockey which argues that Angie Harmon has the biggest pair in Hollywood — hint: she’s not referring to, um, those — I am happy to bring you this vintage (vintage when, I’m not sure, but it was some time this century) photo of Angela Michelle Harmon Sehorn, along with this bit of trivia: she’s raising three very lovely girls, whose middle names (in birth order) are Faith, Grace and Hope. And I should note here that I considered, briefly, turning this into a spate of shoeblogging, thereby covering two bases at once, but it occurred to me somewhere in the midst of the picture hunt that had I done so, someone might have concluded that Angie has the biggest feet in Hollywood, which is not at all true: she wears a 9. (Source.)


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