Bloggage 101

Occasional “new media consultant” / old-school reporter Robert Stacy McCain offers advice to beginning bloggers:

  1. Link me often. This will prevent bad kharma. As a friend, I’m useless, but you wouldn’t want me as an enemy.
  2. Christina Hendricks.

Works for me, and I’m one of the alleged elder statesmen on this here block.



  1. unimpressed »

    10 February 2009 · 4:28 pm

    While very attractive, I can think of a couple of dozen off the top of my head (blondes and brunettes, though-no redheads) that do a lot more for me than Ms. Hendricks does and more than a few are in the 45+ range, even.

  2. CGHill »

    10 February 2009 · 5:31 pm

    I figured it wouldn’t hurt to throw that in, just to draw the odd Googler. (And as I’ve noted every Monday in recent times, some of them are very odd indeed.)

  3. unimpressed »

    10 February 2009 · 7:40 pm

    With some of the searches those Googlers perform that get directed to this site, my guess is that an appreciable percentage of same really ARE odd.

  4. McGehee »

    10 February 2009 · 7:58 pm

    I too can think of plenty of other women who do more for me than Ms. Hendricks does.

    But she does enough.

  5. CGHill »

    10 February 2009 · 8:04 pm

    I have to figure that at the very least, she makes McCain’s SiteMeter spin.

  6. Tatyana »

    10 February 2009 · 8:23 pm

    oh, COME ON! How can anyone take their eyes off her, in the second season of MM?
    Of course, when I youtubed her, and listened to her interviews on Late Night, and elsewhere…my enthusiasm sort of waned a little. Either she’s trying too hard to stay in the Dumb Marylin image (who wasn’t dumb at all, but a survivor. Well, till the pills won), or she got too far into her role and still lives in 1960. That talk about the flattening and re- forming underwear was really discouraging.

  7. narciso »

    11 February 2009 · 3:06 pm

    I’ve been following her career since that two episode arc on “Firefly” where she played the seductive thief and saboteur Saffron.

  8. CGHill »

    11 February 2009 · 6:55 pm

    Meanwhile, Helen Rittelmeyer, girl genius, made this pertinent observation:

    Christina Hendricks is the very flower of womanhood—you can tell by the stems.

    After a decent interval, I will so steal that line; I’m putting it here so that there’s at least a reasonable chance that I will give it the proper attribution.

  9. Tatyana »

    12 February 2009 · 8:43 am

    I looked up the girl genius: oh my, she IS a girl; her profile says she’s 22!

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