Chapeau vieux

The title of the piece in Oklahoma Magazine is deceptively simple: “75 Great Oklahoma Websites”. Apart from the lamentable lack of clickable links in the Web version, it’s a pretty good overview of blogs worth reading in these parts, though apparently not everyone is thrilled with the choices. Says The Lost Ogle’s Patrick:

I’m also not too sure how I feel about this site being named to a list of great Oklahoma websites that includes Wimgo, yet somehow omits Dustbury. That would be like leaving Ashlynn Brooke off a list of great Oklahomans but somehow including Sally Kern. But oh well, it does appease our massive egos, so we’re okay with it.

Not having a particularly massive ego, I figure this is the time to point out something I thought was perfectly obvious: I first hung out this shingle more than a decade ago. By Internet standards, this is pre-Cambrian; certainly I can’t boast of newness, a characteristic much prized on the Web, while still purveying this by-now old-hat shtick.

But being a known quantity does help to clarify my perspective. By now, just about anyone who is interested in Oklahoma blogs is either reading me already or has made a conscious decision not to read me. And I’m fine with that: differences of opinion, with a little help from gravity, make the world go round.

That said, the spiffiest commentary on “75 Great Oklahoma Websites” comes from Mike at Okiedoke:

I steer you to a list of 73 Oklahoma websites better than this one.

Emphasis added, just to show you how diabolically clever that statement really is.


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