No ding-dong, though

At some point before the turn of the century, I abandoned store-bought antiperspirants in favor of a product offered by Avon, which proved to be no less efficient yet far kinder to my T-shirts. Further motivation: there was a part-time seller on the premises at 42nd and Treadmill, who was happy to fill my sporadic orders — I tend to order half a dozen bottles at a time, plus occasional novelties like sunscreen — and even happier to see me not hit on her. Amazingly, about the same time she gave up the business, another one of the staffers picked it up, and I continued buying the stuff.

I got down to my last bottle this month, and discovered that well, she’s found another way to occupy her free time. Avon brochures are still not hard to find around the shop, given the sheer number of women who work there, but rather than break in a new Avon Lady, I decided to try their online shop.

Advantages: Flat-rate shipping (though there are faster, and of course pricier, options); no need to wait for the end of the current campaign.

Disadvantages: Utterly lacks the personal touch; base shipping option is Smartpost, which is not known for its speed.

And perhaps most pertinent: inasmuch as there are no part-time Avon representatives where I work anymore, were I to insist on that “personal touch,” I’d have to contact a local representative on my own, and my brain tends to shut down when confronted with a woman at the front door.


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  1. Kirk »

    29 October 2007 · 10:47 am

    This reminds me of a story — after my mom’s death some years ago, my dad lived alone as a widower for a few years. Mostly due to his age, he was having trouble with dry skin on his hands, and Avon had a special lotion he always liked, which he used quite sparingly, but eventually, the last bottle he had, which mom had bought for him before she died, ran out. He mentioned this to his neighbor, who still did business with my mom’s old Avon lady. The Avon lady stopped by to see Dad with a bottle of the lotion, and they started seeing each other socially. About a year later, they were married, and they were together until my Dad’s death earlier this year. Moral being, an Avon lady at your door is not necessarily the worst thing that will ever happen to you.

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